hi all, i'm new to this forum and from what i've seen so far,i like it. now on to my dilema. i live in cayuga county and i'm in the process of filling out the application for my pistol permit. i just need to get my safety course and figure out why i have "proper cause" to have a full unrestricted license. i figured i'd ask you guy's on here what you used for "proper cause" that allowed you to get a carry license, or any tip's/ideas. i thought about using the possibility for future employment(security). or the fact that i carry a hazmat license and haul propane which could be a target for terroist. i need to check and see if it's legal to have a weapon in a hazmat vehicle first, i know since 9/11 we've had to be fingerprinted and background checked inorder to get the hazmat.thanks guy's