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  1. Moving to Upstate NY

    Hey there. I'm new to the forum, so if this question has been asked and answered, I apologize.

    I am planning to move from Connecticut to Upstate NY (Monroe County) and I would like to get an unrestricted pistol permit. I have had a Connecticut permit for the past 4 years, and I am originally from Madison County (just west of Syracuse).

    I understand that there is a 6 month waiting period, but I'm not clear whether that applies to people moving into the state and/or those who already have a permit in another state.

    Any help would be great.


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    from what i understand u have to go pretty much go through the same b/s that someone like me who is just getttin it for the 1st has to go through.

  4. Monroe Co. does not restrict permits so it is a decent choice of counties. Register to vote and if you only cast one, be sure it is for the Republican running for NY State Senate this November. If Democrats take over the Senate , you might want to look at returning to Conn.

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    I'm not sure how Monroe handles it, but in Dutchess County, all of your references have to reside in the same county, and I think must also have known you for some three years or more. So, someone moving into Dutchess not knowing anyone there could take a while to get a permit.

    New York does not honor any other state permits, so the fact that you have a CT permit already doesn't amount to much. You'll have to go through the same process. Being new to the county, it could be a bit tough. Good luck Tom! Let us know how you make out.

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    6 months would be pretty fast. It took me nearly 10 months to get my permit in Monroe County. It's not cheap either. It cost me close to $140 after photos, application, fingerprinting, etc.. It was definitely worth it, but there is quite a process to file everything completely. There may be a requirement of you residing in the county for a specified period of time, but I'm not sure. Good luck to you and welcome back to NYS.

  7. Compadre


    Thanks for responding. The 6 months was only the time before I can apply. I'm sure that the processing will take a solid 4-6 additional months.

    If you don't mind lend a hand, I have two questions:

    1) Is it true that Monore County gives out only unrestricted permits

    2) Do you have any advice regarding applying in Monroe county?

    Thanks again,

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    Better plan on buying a slingshot if you insist on moving to NY

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsiberians View Post
    Better plan on buying a slingshot if you insist on moving to NY
    THAT'S what I was gonna say. I'd move to Connecticut in a heartbeat, when it comes to concealed carry. I got my resident unrestricted permit in NY, then went for one in CT (I work there). Their system is way better, way more respectful to CCWs than NY will ever be.

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    Welcome to NY...Land of taxes. Before you bring your firearms into NY, check the regulations, but it is my understanding that you cannot posess a handgun in NY without having a permit. It can be hunting and target, or unrestricted...but you cannot "posess" a nahdgun in NY without it.
    You may have to find a FFL in Conn to hold them until you can legally bring them into NY.
    I'm not an expert nor a lawyer, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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