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    Judge Boller is Pro-Gun, he suppots SCOPE
    Shooters Commitee on Political Education,The NRA he has always been an fair Judge.If your Upgrade Request meets Reqiurements According to Penal Law 400.01 he will apporove your Request make sure you Respectfully Request an Upgrade those words go a long way with Judge Boller. Your best chance of getting your request approved,

    Is to call Mr. Will Fowler (head of EC Pistol Permit Office) and ask for a meeting with him. Once your in his office explain your reasoning to him, and Mr. Fowler will help you complete Upgrade Request with Proper wording. Your chances are much better working with Mr. Fowler

  3. I couldn't be happier with Boller

    ^-- unrestricted holder

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    Quote Originally Posted by permitinNYtakesayear View Post
    All you juiced in connected Democrats seem to get unrestricted permits very easy. Again, if you are part of the politcal establishment, you can get an unrestricted permit real fast. Your children seem to get them real fast also as you hang around with the government employees who issue the permits! The rest of us get treated like peasants or surfs.

    My question for Judge Boller is very simple: Is self defence a legitimate reason to request an unrestricted permit in Erie County? The answer from judge Boller has consistantly been NO for hundreds of people (unless you hang out with Will Fowler or the phoneys at SCOPE). The political class get unrestricted permits. The working class peasants get hunting/target permits requiring trigger locks at all times with no reason given! According to Boller, self defence is NOT a legitimate reason for requesting an unrestricted permit! I'd love to see the names of people issued unrestricted permits by Boller. I bet it's a who's who of the political class in WNY.

    Oathkeeper my arse!
    I'll bet lack of anger management skills is a good reason for denying an unrestricted permit. Sounds like the judge made the right decision.

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    Man, you are really up tight. I can only speak for myself. I have no connections at all with Judge Boller, or any of his political groups.

    Upon requesting an upgrade to unrestricted status I respectfully requested my upgrade.but it had nothing to do with who I knew. A kind word goes a long way. Why are you so upset with scope I've been a member for 5 years now.

    Everyone I have come in contact with there are all good poeple.I only had my permit for 18 months before requesting my unrestricted and was approved in under 2 weeks

  6. I had heard that Erie County had been upgrading some permits after a year of having them. So I decided I would try and get my permit upgraded to Unrestricted, guess not. The biggest kicker is the last sentance of the letter. I just don't understand.

    Here is what the letter said;

    After reviewing the above-named Licensee's file and application submitted for an upgrade in the status of firearms license previously issued herein on XXXX XX, 2010, the Court has determined that the licensee is not eligible for an upgrade to unrestricted status at this time.

    Section 400.00-2(f) requires the demonstration of "proper cause" for the issuance of an unrestricted firearms license. Such has not been demonstrated in this case.

    Licensee's appliction for an upgrade to an unrestricted license is therefore DENIED. Licensee may apply for an upgrade in status after five years from date of issuance, with showing proper cuase.


    M. William Boller

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    When you requested your Up-grade request, What Reasoning did you use?

  8. Trophyhunter,

    I didn't have any reasons that would force the judge to feel compelled to issue it unrestricted. I used reasons such as working until late night and then doing errands after I get out of work so being in bare parking lots (grocery stores) and jogging at night. Also, a hobby of mine is photography and I use fairly expensive digit SLR's out in public. Hiking and camping in the Adirondacks as well as mountain biking. Lastly, personal defense.

    Again, I don't know what constitutes "proper cause," but I don't think anyone truly does except the judge because it's completely subjective. Do I have to be mugged and my girlfried rapped before I have "proper cause?" What are people who hope they never have to use thier guns in SD, but want to have it in case they so supposed to put? It is a NY Pistol Permit, I don't even understand what makes the County feel they can limit it. If I lived 15min north in Niagara County they are issuing unrestricted with no problem. Maybe it's time to move....

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    How long have you had a license, and did you take any training?

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    You have a pistol license form NY What you do in your own house is your business.
    The license allows you to carry outside of your home to a range or hunting and back again.
    This is still America. The Government can not enter your home with out a search warrant.
    Yes I know there are exceptions
    You License in NY allows you to own and handle handguns and restricts when you can carry.

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    I believe the Judge want to see several things. This is only my opinion
    A.) What shooting experience do you have. (if you belong to a shooting club, hunt club, do you shoot competition etc.) Military training etc WRITE IT DOWN!
    B.) What training have you had NRA Safety Course is mandatory so did you take Hunter Safety, any
    NRA advanced training etc. Other firearms training.

    You gotta ask yourself. Does the Judge want to give a 21 year old who has never had any training outside of plinking a full carry?

    Not saying is is right or constitutional, but it is New York reality.

    If you want full carry, show what you know example:
    I am a member of _________ Conservation Club, I have shot on the XXXXX shooting team, I shoot trap and skeet in a league and am familiar with range safety. I belong to the NRA, and SCOPE. I fully understand the risks of having firearms in a residence. I am asking for an unrestricted license for all law full purposes.

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