I recently applied for my Pistol Permit in Niagara County (I live in Pendleton, NY), mainly because I am due to inherit my Grandfather's WWII .45 Remington pistol (very valuable) once the permit is in order, at that point I am going to have the gun transfered to a local firearms dealer so I can register it on my permit. Considering I'm quite familiar with NY's strict handgun policies, the .45 pistol is not currently in my possession (since it's against the law), it's currently registered on a close friend of the family's permit and at his residence until my permit is approved.

Just wanted to know the experiences for others who applied for pistol permits in Niagara County, NY...

* How long did it take?
* Were you interviewed by police/Sheriffs?
* Were you granted unrestricted permits?

I'm not a big hunter nor do I go to shooting ranges, though I most likely will after my permit process is complete. I kept the reasons for wanting the Carry Concealed permit simple - Personal Protection, this was the recommendation of the nice lady at the pistol permit office. Didn't want to make up any BS on the permit app, such as target practice or hunting (which I don't currently do). At any rate, I have a clean record, no prior arrests, and my driver's license is clean. Three days after I handed in my permit materials, my references began receiving the questionnaires in the mail (which did NOT have to be notarized, just filled out, signed, and mailed back to the address on the questionnaire). I made an appointment for finger printing last Thursday, so that is completed at this point. I called all my references and they have mailed in the completed questionnaires. I'm assuming it's a waiting game now.

I've heard Niagara county is very good about issuing unrestricted permits, mainly because the county is mostly conservative and has a lot of 2nd Amendment supporters. I don't really know anyone else personally that has gone through the permit process in Niagara County, so any info, especially relating to your own pistol permit experience within Niagara County, would be appreciated.