Newbie w/ Ulster County, NY Permit Questions
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Thread: Newbie w/ Ulster County, NY Permit Questions

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    Newbie w/ Ulster County, NY Permit Questions

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm new to the boards and also to the handgun world. I've been an avid hunter/outdoorsman since I was a 12 year old. I'm 31 now and have decided to apply for my NYS CCW. I have a few questions and was just curious to see what the opinions of the more educated would be. First I would like to start w/ who should be listed as character references? Should I be listing family, friends, does the length of time known make a huge difference? I've only lived in Ulster County for about 8-9 years and don't have a ton of long time friends in the area. I grew up Upstate (near Watertown) and most of my friends in Ulster County were/are college friends who either moved out of the area after school or I've lost touch. I guess I'm curious if you would suggest friends/family that I grew up with rather than "newer" friends? Also, probably an obvious question, but does it help to be a land/property owner? What would you bring to your interview to prove this? Another question is does a DWAI/DUI carry the same weight that a DWI does in Ulster? This DWAI was about 7 years ago when I was still in college. Will this play to my advantage/disadvantage that it was when I was still in "school" Sorry for the rambling I just want to cover all my bases. Thanks for any insight.

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    Im in Orange county. Each county is different, I dont know why, but it is. As for refrences...they will contact them, in Orange county you cann NOT have family sign. It does not seem to matter how long they know you. It does not matter about being a land owner. Any type of DWI or criminal stuff is big and will effect anyone getting a CCW. Dont lie on the application, thats a big no no. Call your shrieff office they may be able to help with questions. Or reach out to a range, they usually have people who know. Good luck.

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