Vertical Fore Grip on Carbine
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Thread: Vertical Fore Grip on Carbine

  1. Vertical Fore Grip on Carbine

    I know this forum is usually for questions about concealed carry of handguns but I thought it might a good place to ask this question as well. I have a S&W M&P15 and was curious about putting a vertical fore grip on it. I've looked at the NRA-ILA summary of NY laws and saw nothing about VFGs, and also noted that some gunstores in the area sell guns with VFGs on them. I was %100 sure it would be fine until an acquaintance said he was pretty sure they were illegal, and that the NRA-ILA website might be out of date. Wanted to know what people more knowledgeable than both of us might have to say on this. Thanks.

  3. Perfectly legal.

  4. Thanks for advice guys. I called a local, reputable gun shop and they told me the same thing, so it looks like I've got the green light to go ahead! Thanks again.

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