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    criminal records

    Where do i go to get my criminal records. I called buffalo city hall and they said to go to a local p[olice station and give them ss and name and dob and they will tell me if i have a record. Is this true? I am in catt county and would like to check and make sure i was never arrested for anything whe n i was a young man. I simply don't remember...

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    Well, if you get arrested, the DA will give you a copy of your "rap sheet", officially known as the DCJS report (Division of Criminal Justice Services report).

    But, assuming you don't want to go through the hassel of an arrst, you can request a copy by following the instruction at this link:

    Access to Criminal History Records

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    Try looking up (Google) your county Clerk of the Court data base. A lot of States/Counties now offer on line data searches. After all it is "Public Record". Most cost nothing. Good Luck!
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    Also, If you live in Catt County You can call Marga in The Little Valley Clerks Office she is wonderful to deal with and, will get you Squared away 716-938-2229

  6. Your State Police can provide a copy of your Rap Sheet. I had a problem finding info on a misdomenor from 1974 for my CCW aplication two years ago. I called the county police, township police and DA; no luck. Called State police, submitted fingerpronts and had it in a week.

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