Upstate CCW permit denied, need hearing advice SOON!
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Thread: Upstate CCW permit denied, need hearing advice SOON!

  1. Upstate CCW permit denied, need hearing advice SOON!

    So I just got the denial letter in the mail today from Melchor E. Castro for my permit.

    He is requesting a reply by Nov 11th.

    I plan on scheduling a hearing.

    It doesn't make sense at this point. The interview with the sheriff went well except for one thing, and the reference interviews all went well too.

    The one thing he brought up was an appearance ticket in 2003 I got for something my wife did. We both got them. It was dismissed by the judge of course, but the sheriff considered that an arrest. Even though I was never arrested or read my miranda rights. I never even left the block.

    Other than that I have nothing on my record besides traffic, no accidents, only some speeding.

    Now I am curious to see what "they" see since I would think that 2003 incident should not be on my record. It was basically an officer not sure of what to do so he refered it to a judge in my mind.

    Besides that, I need to write a letter to the judge requesting a hearing. Any ideas on verbiage would be greatly appreciated.

    I would prefer to be pro-active on this, and am willing to take an attorney with me to the hearing.
    Can anyone recommend someone in Monroe County?

    Has anyone dealt with Castro before?

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    You got an appearance ticket. You need to talk to the judge and have him give you the dismissal date with his stamp and signature on it. A lawyer would be your best bet. There are a couple of NYS lawyers on this firearms forum and a couple of threads about denials. GL!
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  4. So, the hearing went well. A guy in front of me ended up with a similar situation, from the little I heard, but was really nervous, jittery etc.

    I explained to the judge my situation, and that I misunderstood. I honestly didn't think it was an arrest, no charges were pressed, and it was dismissed.
    He said he would make a decision and let me know inside of 2 weeks.

    Well, I got my permit in the mail today!

    If I had read the question again, I would have put it down and avoided all of this. Sheesh!

    Just in time to get myself a christmas present!

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