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  1. new member, application question

    hi all. new to the forum, alot of great information.
    im in saratoga county and needed to know if a possesion marijuana ticket will cause me trouble when applying or if i need to even mention it. i got it 10 years ago, and it was a very small amount. just got a ticket, a 100 dollar fine. it was a violation.

    what do you guys think?
    great site, anyways.. J

  3. yes

    be honest about any and all arrests. even a sealed case will come up , so why raise a red flag just be honest

  4. it's not going to help you, but shouldn't stop you from getting the permit due to the time frame. however you do need to put down everything. they will find out about it anyhow. if you don't put it down it will give them a reason to deny the permit. happened to a buddy of mine, his was a traffic ticket, that was considered an arrest. i went as far as going to the dmv and getting a full report on myself, also went to the county court and got a full report. which i turned in with my permit application. good luck.

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