Niagara County pistol permit
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Thread: Niagara County pistol permit

  1. Niagara County pistol permit

    Has anyone recently obtained a Niagara County pistol permit?

    If so how long did it take to complete the application process and what did the process consist of after getting fingerprinted?

    I was fingerprinted two months ago and was told the process could take from six months to a year, my character references received and returned their questionnaires within days of applying.

    I'm simply wondering what's next and how much longer will I wait to find out if I get my permit without restrictions.

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you receive your permit yet? I was told 4 months when I applied 6 weeks ago although a buddy says a guy he works with got his in 2 months.

  5. I have not been contacted by anyone in regard to my permit application. I will update this thread with details when I hear something or if it makes it to the six month mark, whichever comes first.

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    I just had an interview today with the permit detective and it sounds like I should have the permit in a week or two more.He said the chief has to sign off,then the judge and the paperwork goes back to the permit office and I get the OK in the mail.
    If there are no unexpected delays that will make it 9-10 weeks,not bad.

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    My letter came in the mail today,a couple days short of 9 weeks. I picked up the permit then went to Buffalo Gun Center, just to look around and get some ideas. Ended up buying a Ruger P95with 3 mags,case and lock for $350. The county permit clerk didn't seem too surprised to see me back so quickly,she must see it all the time.

  8. Hey 7 & 98,

    My timeline has been pretty similar to 98's, I applied in January. I have a couple old arrest's, but no convictions. I was told when I applied, that I wouldn't hear anything for probably 5-6 months & would probably have a hearing with the Judge. My ref's got there survey within a couple days. I had my personal interview 2 1/2 weeks ago. The leo told me that neither he, nor the previous investigator had any issues with my past & didn't see any problems. Maybe he was just fluffing me.

    Anyway, after reading this & and another post, I figured I would call the permits office. Well I just did, & was told that due to my arrest's, not to expect to hear anything again for about a year.

    Obviously pretty bummed, but at least I have not been denied yet.

    It's sad that there is such a difference in long guns & pistols in the eye's of NY.


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    That seems crazy that they can hold arrests against you even without a conviction.

  10. It is, and the most recent was over 15 yrs ago. If you have ANY issues, it will delay the permit process. It took my cousin 3 years from the time he turned his app in until he got his. Most counties in NY basically look for reasons NOT to issue permits. They call themselves a "may issue" state, but in reality they should call it a "will try not to issue" state.

  11. Well it has been over six monthes since I completed my application and I can only imagine how much longer it's going to take to be processed after reading this. . .

    Pistol permits being delayed Local News Niagara Gazette

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