TO: All FFL Holders in the Town of Hamburg

The Hamburg Town Board is due to vote shortly on Local Law no. 17, the "Home

Occupation Law." Among other prohibitions it includes a section prohibiting having a FFL in any private residence in the Town of Hamburg even though you have obtained a previous variance. It will also prevent the issue of any new licenses.

To read the proposed law, go to: Welcome to the Town of Hamburg, New York

Click on enter, then click "resident services", then look to the left and click on "Legal Notices and Bids". Then click on "Proposed local Law 17" and "Text of Home Occupation Law". They are two different pages.

On the fifth page of the law in prohibited businesses is listed "Stocking firearms sales".
If this law is passed, the ATF will cancel all FFL's located in private residences in the Town of Hamburg. No other municipality in Erie County has such a regulation, not even the City of Buffalo.

It is very important that you and any other interested persons attend the Hamburg Town Board Meeting on Monday, February 14th, 7:00 PM at Hamburg Town Hall. The Board must be told our feelings on this in very clear terms. Please call any friends and associates who would also be against this proposal and are willing to make their voices heard.
This law came thru via the Planning Board and did not receive any general publicity until a short paragraph appeared in The Hamburg Sun on January 27th. It progressed rather quietly. It provides for a $1,000.00 per day fine for any violation.

Now is the time to put a stop to this before it is too late. You can reach Town Officials at the following numbers:

Town Board Members: Switchboard 649-6111

Councilman Amy Ziegler ext 2283

Councilman Joe Collins ext 2233

Councilman Jon Gorman ext 2236

Supervisor Steve Walters ext 2380

Building Inspector Kurt Allen ext 2210