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Thread: NYC Permit possible?

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    NY is tough NYC tougher. $5k minimum to get a lawyer to get it done for you. Unlike Ca. you can NOT even posses a Handgun/Pistol of any sort without a permit.

    I'm active duty Military have been over 30 years, born and raised in NY have the highest security clearance available and getting my NYS CCW was by far the most painful process to date!

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    J-ERIK, I live in Western New York Area and I, Have my New York State Unresticted Pistol Permit. Back in February 2011 I was planning an Trip to NYC. I called the Police Commisioners Office and after, Beiing bounced around like a rubber ball. I was Basically Asked What it was Worth to me. It Boils down too, who you know, Are you Famous and, Do you have allot of $ $ $ $ So instead of going to NYC for Vacation.We went to Gun Friendly Nashville, TN

  4. NYC Carry Permit

    Vitually impossible to get a concealed carry permit in NYC. You need to be a sneaky politician, a millionaire, or an important person, not like you and I, and have deep sturdy kneepads. But yet the same a**holes are constantly being re-elected into office. So the people deserve what they get. You are not permitted to defend yourself, your family and loves in the city. You have to call 911 when the bad gun is in your home raping your 9 year daughter. A LEO told me, he did not know I was recording him, said that if an innocent civilian gets shot by a bad guy, it must have been that civilians time to go. That is the mentality in NYC and part of the state, 90%. Good luck. Move to a free state that will respect you as a person. States controlled by democrats and unions will not let an average citizen ever get his concealed carry permit.

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    Santa, Said it best, How true.....

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