NYC Permit possible?
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Thread: NYC Permit possible?

  1. NYC Permit possible?

    I friend of mine is moving to one bad state, to what I think is another bad state.
    As he goes from California to New York, do NYC issue permits, or are they as bad as CA?


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    I think that you have a better chance of hitting the lotto.

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    There are approximately 16,000 permits held my NYC residents, out of over 8 million residents (about 0.2 percent of New Yorkers). Among them are Donald Trump, Howard Stern, and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (yes, that Charles Schumer). Basically, unless hou aee rich or politically connectedd, don't even waste your time.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

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  5. Thats what I suspected, thanks.
    I know tasers are not legal either, but are these legal?

  6. That was what I was afraid of, thanks.
    I know Taser's are not allowed up there either, but what about Kimber America's "Pepperblaster"? What about the bigger JPX Jet Protector. Is that something one can carry?

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    I would move to Texas or you can depend on your safety being in the hands of the criminals of NY. Citizens are not allowed to protect themselves unless as noted Wealth, Politics, Etc.
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    Living outside NYC will give him a better chance to get a permit. That being said, it will most likely be a permit for home, range and hunting and not a carry permit. It is legal to carry defense sprays in NY, but they must be purchased within the state.
    Security is your concern. Helping you provide it is ours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeboss View Post
    I think that you have a better chance of hitting the lotto.
    He should live across the river in Rockland or Orange Counties where he'll easily get a permit. He can commute into NYC for work (without his gun). But getting a CCW in NYC? Forget it. Costly, aggravating and generally denied Unless you're Micheal Bloomberg's friend, Howard Stern, Robert Dinero or some other high profile person).

    Just one thing people... don't slam the entire state over NYC. Ustate is a whole different country.

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    It is easier to get mercy from the IRS than a carry permit in New York City.

  11. Forget it. It will be a waste of time. Unless you are well-know, a sneaky politican, have tons of money or deep knee pads you will get absolutely no where but spend your money on fees just to be denied. Non refundable fees.
    One uniformed LEO told me that if a innocent civilian gets shot dead by a bad guy, maybe it was his turn to go. This includes a mass murder of an innocent family. So you see what the mentality of New York City police is. They will have no problem in blowing way a bad guy, but the average guy is denied the right to protect/defend himself, his family, and his loved ones.

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