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    http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?=a1157[/URL]Microstamping Bill A1157A has passed the Assembly. Hang on New Yorkers we are about to be taken for an ride.. Its only going to get worse.


  3. I feel safer already.

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    I doubt that it will pass the Senate.

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    I thought this bill was already dead!?!?. I guess not, there is no rest for the CCW holders. This bill is just plain STUPID...since any form of stamping can be easily removed by the bad guys. It will only serve to punish us LEGAL permit holders...by reducing the number of arms available to us...Whitch is probably their idea anyway. Plus if the BG commits a crime with a revolver, the stamping will leave the scene with the gun anyways..

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    Titaniumman, I agree with you Thats why I posted these results hoping that Fellow New Yorkers would read this and, get pissed off enough to say Enough of this bull_ _ _ _ and start calling,emailing our Senetors and express our Concerns. If this bill should happen to pass There isn't one Gun Manufacturer that will produce handguns with Microstamping just for New York State. Start spreading the word I've started an petition asking that Microstamping Bill A1157A be turned down to date I have over 105 signatures and won't stop until we are heard.any help you all could do is greatly appreciated.

  7. The way I read the bill it only applies to semi autos. It's a rediculous bill and it keeps coming back to haunt us. If it actually passes I might as well move to california.

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    The bill passed the Assembly yesterday. I don't think it has any chance in the Senate. Last time it got to the Senate, it was defeated with some Democrats voting with the Republicans against it.

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