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    I finished the paper work and now the hurry up and wait. For reasoned listed that I am licensed doctor with a DEA number and as such carries official NYS perscription pads and carry controlled substances including narcotics on person(although do not carry narcotics as I do not have need to), however junkies or other criminals looking for them have no way of knowing what carry. Furthermore I am what is know as an authorized user giving me access to radiologic materials. I included this hing that it would make for valid reasons for a CCW. Anyone hear how judges view view such reasons?

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    I have known Judge Boller to issue Un Restricted under similar Circumstances. It would depend on wether your Information was Verifiable. You could always call and make a appoimtment with Mr. Fowler he is the head of EC pistol permit Department. I'm sure he can advise better than anyone else. Good Luck

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