Alternative Self Defense
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    Alternative Self Defense

    I was jumped by two thugs right outside of a movie theater in Manhattan Friday night...of course, since NYS and NYC deny my second amendment right (especially since I am a resident of CT), I was unable to defend myself sufficiently to avoid any injury. I did make it out fairly unharmed, just some minor pride being what was hurt the most. my question. What legal alternatives do I have as a non-resident that works in the city to prevent this from happening to me again?

  3. I'm guessing here not being a resident.
    Mace/Pepper spray?

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    Drive away and never come back? Seriously, sorry you had that experience and I would also say mace.

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    I aggree with the mace/pepper spray BUT heres a cheaper thing WASP & hornet spray
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  6. Be carefull with the wasp spray. If you read the label it states that any use other than which it is intended is illegal

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady202 View Post
    Be carefull with the wasp spray. If you read the label it states that any use other than which it is intended is illegal
    Last I checked, insecticide companies did not write legislation! Probably written by a lawyer to cover their butts against a lawsuit.

    But in all seriousness - while wasp and hornet spray is a good self-defense alternative at home, I'm not sure of the legality of hauling around a can of it for just that same purpose. A prosecutor may put it in the same category as things like a baseball bat, tire iron, length of chain, ball peen hammer, meat cleaver, chef knife, hatchet, machete, and the like. None of these things are illegal to buy or own, but might be illegal to carry for self-defense by New York standards. Or if not outright illegal, the prosecutor might use your carrying of them to prove intent to harm or kill.

    I think your best option for answering this question would be to spend the money on an hour or so of an attorney's time, one who is licensed in NY and who works in NYC. And make sure he's one you can actually call later if you find yourself in a situation.
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    Never spend another dime in any city that does not allow you to protect yourself, if you just happen to be carrying some wasp or hornet spray I think in a self defense situation I would use it, leave and never come back.

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    Carry a cane. Nothing fancy, but completely legal to carry and gives a good whack to a thug.

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    Alternative Self defense

    Im a big proponent of empty hand self defense skills regardless of whether or not you carry a gun. Its a good supplement and can help you defend yourself long enough to draw if you have one, or run if you don't. Plenty of options out there:

    Traditional/ non traditional martial arts- kickboxing, jujitsu, boxing, mma

    Defensive tactics courses taught by various security/ law enforcement instructors

    Impact weapons/ keychains- BramFrank's Lapu Lapu Corto is one of my fav's. Kubaton, yawara, palm stick, whatever. (Advantage being most of these are legal almost anywhere. Wooden palm sticks are effective abmnd can be brought on planes for example.)

    Edged weapon training- Spyderco endura with wave feature is a good one. Sharp, comes out quick with practice, and it's a plain folder which makes it legal. Delica is the smaller version.

    Above all, avoidance and awareness are always key alternatives. If you ever have to use anything listed above, you've already blown your self defense. Sorry for your trouble.

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    Sorry to hear. Very unfortunate. You don't really have many options. Perhaps a simple box-cutter.

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