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  1. Either way, this sort of thing happens. More common then most think. I'm sure one day when I go to buy 9m, asked to show my permit, say no, and walk away....the yuppies behind the counter will call the LEO and they will be waiting for me outside or stalk be down in the store. Why? Bc of how dumb the ignorant tv watching "believin al-ciata is real and ****** is out to get me" are and think they are doing some good being such. No worries though, I'm doing nothing wrong and have a lawyer on Speed Dial One for those ppl. Nut Shell Rant #131 haha

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    I put the Information I received to the test.I went to my local Walmart this morning, and asked for an box of.45ACP the young clerk did not ask for my Pistol Permit.

    He did however, ask to see my Drivers License.which made me feel young again since I'm, pushing 50 after reading Email again, as stated before I read email wrong, and posted bad Intell.I apolojize for stirring up the pot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tj_cubin View Post
    New York law says that you need a permit to buy a handgun or "handgun ammo". Most places won't make you show a permit for ammo because there is no such thing as "handgun ammo", but walmart doesn't care. I have been there while a guy was arguing with the cashier about it while on the phone with corporate complaining.

    And in NY you have to have a carry permit to posses a handgun at all, so the argument that its not for carrying won't matter.

    I will say that the time or two I have showed my permit for ammo they didn't record anything. They just checked to see that it was mine, and that was enough. Gander Mountain makes you show your permit before handling a handgun, but they don't record anything (this is fairly new procedure).
    Can anyone save me some time if this is a Gander Mountain CYA policy or is it state law? I do not have a NY permit but do have one from a bordering state and apparently that is not good enough. They have trigger locks on every handgun but will not let anyone without a NY permit handle them. This is something that ticks me off. At some point I am inclined to ask for management and give them a hard time if it is company policy and not state law. I'd like to walk over to the counter with a few hundred dollars of merchandise I just purchased and return it to the clerk saying they obviously don't want my business.
    For those that might say I should only be able to handle something I could buy, and in New York I would not be able to buy a handgun, I would say that the store I was in is closer to me then the one in my own neighboring state and if I like what I am checking out they can ship it to my FFL or better ship it to my home state Gander Mountain or now that I have checked it out and want it I will make a trip to the Gander Mountain store in my own state to purchase it.
    Just need to know if it is state law or company policy in case the next time in GM I just can't keep my mouth shut.
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    In N.Y.S. you cannot touch a handgun unless you have a N.Y.S. handgun permit. The best is in Orange County, (Not sure of other counties.) N.Y. You must purchase a handgun as part of the handgun permit process. You can't touch it, but you have to buy it. Because of some issues it took me about 2 years to get my permit so when I finally got it, my handgun was an older model. If I hadn't gotten it I guess I was out about 500 on the gun. Plus all the fees. Where is the sense in that? You may be able to handle it if the salesperson is a registered NRA firearm instructor.

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    Yep, it's a NY Wally World policy. In PA, the only thing you have to show & tell them is "cash or charge". Since you don't need a permit to own a handgun. Wally World still and always will have the best prices on ammo. Unless you live across the street from Cabelas :)

    I would bet any shop in NY or NJ would have a similar policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg:221132
    Maybe I'm missing something here. Wal-Mart can't REQUIRE something they don't know you have. They KNOW you have a Social Security number. Since you drove to the store, chances are you have a state-issued Driver's License. But NO ONE knows you own a CCW other than the issuing agency and any LE agency they share the info with.

    DONE! Now the clerk is less likely to even bring up a CCW with the next person as he's seen what happens when he tries to ask for one. If a manager is called, I think their Privacy Policy should be discussed, as this is collection of non-essential data. This is not something Wal-Mart can "require" under any circumstances.
    I whole heartedly agree. This would be a direct contradiction to the privacy laws in place to protect people like us.

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    Man I'm so glad I live in the Gunshine state.

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    I have been to my local WW and they have not asked me for anything. DL or CCW. Buying .45 auto ammo

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    I'm require to show my license for any ammo purchase since we have to be licensed to posess any firearm or ammunition.

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    Let me explain why. In NYS no store may sell handgun ammunition to any person not allowed to posses such. Walmart is not recording permit information and even if they were there is no one to report it to. No one in this state or in the federal government is currently keeping track of who purchases ammunition from a retailer. Some smaller retailers are unaware of this requirement and sell without checking.

    NYS Penal Law

    Section 270.00 Unlawfully dealing with fireworks and dangerous fireworks

    (5) Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision four of this section, it shall be unlawful for any dealer in firearms to sell any ammunition designed for use in a pistol or revolver to any person, not authorized to possess a pistol or revolver. The violation of this section shall constitute a class B misdemeanor.

    Walmart is merely following the NYS penal Law.

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