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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnNY View Post

    Bottom line what I have said is fact
    All my education and I can't help those who choose to remain ignorant. A smart man takes the advice of those who know the subject matter. You'll understand when you file the address change and it's revoked. Otherwise you'll find out if you're indicted on PL 265.02 and 175.30. We'll contact the Greene County sheriff next week. If he advises incorrectly we'll notify the solicitor general of his actions. We take this very seriously. Can't have this mutt running around giving out legal advice.

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    Once again BC1 is correct,
    I would listen to his advice, and his knowledge

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    I'm going on fact.

    1. In approximately January of 2009 a fellow worker of mine who lived in ulster county and had a NYS permit issued by ulster county MOVED out of state

    2. he is now a resident of Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    3. immediately upon moving he filed an amendment to the Ulster County Clerks office

    4. He was issued an UPDATED NYS permit with his new South Carolina address.

    5. the ULUSTER COUNTY JUDGE at the time approved the out of state address

    6. I SAW the new permit with my eyes......i'm sure if push comes to shove I can contact him and have him send me a photo of it, and forward it to you so you believe me

    7. I am not making these facts up

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    265.20(3) "exemptions" says nothing about residency, it refers to Penal code 400.00, which is the application process. The application process states that you must be a resident.

    I'm not sure how long Judge Cahill has been their, I believe their may have been a switch in judges in the last few years who now do not allow this. But I REPEAT I saw my former co-workers NYS ULSTER issued permit with a Myrtle Beach address.

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    I dont think anyone here is doubting what you were told, or what you seen with your own eyes.

    It's just that I(we) never heard of such a thing, and just because you (we) never heard of it doesnt mean it isn't correct but giving New Yorks States Regulations on pistol permits which are the strictest in the nation.

    I would contact someone higher up than an Sheriff better to error on the side of caution. But from everything I read NYS does not issue or allow Non residents an permit.
    Good luck on your journey

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    I asked the issuing officer, in writing, as nicely as possible to change the address on my license to NH. I based my argument upon the exceptions within the penal code. He did not agree and I surrendered my license. (Cortland)

    Bummer, but not in jail. IF I ever find myself living in your God forsaken state again, at least I have a clean, amiable history of responsible handgun ownership in ny to show on my application.


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    thank you for giving me some benefit of the doubt. I did not believe it either when my co-worker said he was allowed to keep his Ulster county NYS permit when he moved to SC in 2009. However, when I saw with my own eyes his newly-plastic printed permit from Ulster county with the South Carolina address I was amazed. Like I said as far as I know only Greene and Ulster do this. Ulster may be different now I believe they might have a new stricter judge?. Anyway I as I am only 45 I have no plans of moving out of state for retirement anytime soon so this does not effect me I am only passing along this information in case anybody from Greene or Ulster decide to move and maybe we can lobby other counties to allow this transfer of address too.

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    A follow up.

    I just got off the phone with the Ulster County Sheriffs Department. I spoke to someone who deals with the pistol permits. I discussed the issue of moving out of state and keeping your NYS pistol permit. She said currently their are 3 judges that deal with the pistol permits. She said it it solely up to the judge whether to allow the keeping of the NYS permit when moving out of state. Currently she said 2 out of the 3 judges allow for this. She said " it is the luck of the draw on which judge you get". She specifically stated that Judge Williams allows for this. Also she stated that a Judge Bruin did this before retiring a few years ago. She also said a few years back that the State Police up in Albany questioned why some of their Ulster county pistol permits had out of state addresses. She told them that the Judge in Ulster County had signed off on this. The State Police have not questioned them anymore. To me we should now elect judges who will allow for this transfer.

    I hope BCI apologizes to me for calling me ignorant LOL :)

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    OK, I contacted everyone in the Hudson valley. Here's the results.

    Orange County, NY
    OC supervisor of permits for the county sheriff (Lilian - 845-291-3060) explaned you may not posses a CCW permit in NY once you establish residency elsewhere. If you are caught with a handgun in NYS you will be charged (this is 265.02 - C Felony). NY will only issue a premise permit for a business owner who is not a resident of the state provided he keeps the gun at the NY location. They even asked for your name if I knew it.

    Ulster County
    Judge Chris Cahill (845-340-3377) re-iterated that no non-resident will be allowed a CCW permit. Verified that 400.00(3) prohibits a non-resident from obtaining such unless he requests a premise permit. Advised strongly against this.

    Dutchess County
    Discussed this at length with Crystal (845-486-3898). In order to keep your CCW permit in NYS you must maintain a residence for a minimum of six months per year. A non-resident may apply for a premise permit if he owns a place of business and the gun must be kept at that location. it cannot be carried. Pistol permit address transfers are available only from county to county. No change of address to an out-of-state address will be honored for a CCW permit.

    Greene County
    Sgt. Bolls was not available until later today. Officer on duty stated you can apply but the permit will be revoked. Sgt. Bolls will call me when he returns. If he states you can keep your permit we'll call the sheriff to report him.

    Our attoney laughed and asked "why do you converse with these people. Just let him get busted." Ignorance is not an insult, it's a failure to recognize truth in the face of overwhelming proof. Learn from our knowledge and experience. That's why we contribute to USA Carry... to make sure people follow the law and rules of safety. Our sole purpose to protect against arrest, injury or otherwise.

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    After I read BC1 recent reply I did some Investigating on my own.
    What I found out,BC1 is 100% correct in his findings New York State will not issue Non Resident Pistol Permits, and if you are caught Carrying south you will be charged with an Felony.

    I dont know how your friend received an NYS pistol permit with an SC address

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