what type of licence do you think i will get
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Thread: what type of licence do you think i will get

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    what type of licence do you think i will get

    im new here but have been looking around for a while. i live in orange county, ny and will be 21 in a few weeks. once i turn 21 i plan on going and beginning the process to get my pistol permit.i have always been into guns especially pistols since i was young and recently have been doing a lot more target shooting too. i plan on applying for an unrestricted permit for the following reasons:
    1. hunting
    2. target shooting
    3. work related

    i work for a family member and at times carry a large amount of cash and checks sometimes around $20,000 and even at time have signed blank business checks. i have a perfectly clean record and no mental illnesses or anything along those lines.

    i plan on applying for unrestricted because the worst that can happen is they put some restrictions on it, but i really hope to get an unrestricted for work purpose mostly. my concern is since i am young will that look bad and be held against me as it seems immature and not as responsible and also will it matter that i do not work on the book for my family although i can have a signed notarized letter from the owner.

    was wondering if i could get some input on what type of permit you think i will be issued or what restrictions will be on it. is there a restriction that allows you to carry for work purposes? any input and advice would help greatly


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    Most likely you will receive Hunting/Target permit.Very Seldom does an Judge Issue Un Restricted Permit based, on carrying large Sums of cash.

    Given your age, training it is more likely to not give you Un Restricted, maybe you will get lucky, but I would'nt get your hopes up.

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    I suggest you contact the pistol licensing office and discuss your situation with them. I suspect the issuing agent would want proof of your cash carrying duties, proof of your safety course(s), as well as strong references. Further, be prepared to show your hunting license. The fact that you aren't "on the books" as an employee doesn't help your case.

    In any event, accept what you get and work with others to upgrade after a year or so.

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    Orange county

    It amazes me at the differences in gun control from state to state. In kansas gun ownership is easy and in the end the only ccw hassle is the wait. untestricted license sounds very odd to us in ks.

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    Sent you a PM. Personal Protection Associates is located in Orange County. Give me a call and we'll help you go thru the process. We don't charge anyone for this. You're probably looking at a restricted license due to age but we can stack the restrictions getting pretty close to an unrestricted. In due time you can probably get the restrictions lifted as the majority of judges in orange County are gun-friendly, pro-second amendment. The political climate in this county is in your favor.

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