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    Thanks for the info. I want to make sure that if going to the range it had to be in seperate locked containers or something like that. Can the ammo be brought in just a regular container as well?
    No need to carry ammo in any special manner in NY. There is also no law requiring persons with a premise permit to carry anything in a locked box.

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    I realize I am not in NY, but for the conversation at my particular range, if you cc into the range it must be kept concealed. Any gun you want to shoot must be in some type of case or bag. I have carried ammo into the range in factory box it came in. They only check the ammo to make sure it is not steel, and they have never checked my gun. I usually have my ccw in my holster and shoot whatever I took with me. I recently picked up a P22 and and look forward to spending some quality time at the range shooting it. Have fun, and congrats on the new permit.

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