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    ammo restriction

    I am travelling from central ny to Lake George/Warren County in the next month or so (Americade). I heard from another gentleman at my local club that hollowpoint ammunition is banned in the Albany area. If this is in fact true, then I will be breaking the law in my travels.

    Can anyone confirm that that is true? What are good alternatives to hollowpoint 115gr +P ammo for self defense?

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    i live in the area (saratoga county) which is btw albany and lg. lg is warren county which is alot different than albany or saratoga counties. warren county is more rural. they only issue unrestricted permits up there but i dont have a clear answer on the ammo. i just know the laws are a little more lax in that county

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    I drive up that way every year and get no where near Albany. Just get off in Utica and go up through Old Forge. Or just figure out a route that takes you around Warren County.
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    I live in Greene County, right next to Albany, I have never heard of such a thing. I even checked the local laws and found nothing. I Always Carry in Albany with Hollow-points

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