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  1. Palisades Mall

    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions for carry concealed at the Palisades Mall? I can not find any information on their website.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Netponyboy View Post
    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions for carry concealed at the Palisades Mall? I can not find any information on their website.
    I go in o that mall at least three times a week and never heard or seen anything that says you can't.
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    Never saw a sign at the entrance.

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    Palisades Mall

    Be careful if you don't see a specific sign. There could be a "rules and regs" or "code of conduct" sign just inside the door and in the fine print it will say no weapons. Depending what corporation owns the mall will determine their rules. I used to work for a GGP mall and they had the small print sign. So if a sign carries weight of law where your mall is the be absolutely certain there isn't a small print sign.
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  6. Thanks for everyone reply.. I decided not to carry since I could not find any details.. Didn't want to leave the gun in the car.

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    good to know. i might be going there tomorrow and was interested in knowing if carrying was legal there, i feel if there is no sign then you should be good, if someone were to find out (which no one should since the gun should be well concealed) i think a simple asking for you to leave the mall grounds would be first course of action.

  8. Hi everyone, my understanding is that in New York state signs do carry the force of law. Would this not be the case for this mall?

  9. The gangs that hang out there don't look for signs....careful indoor parking...

  10. Isn't that where Gecko 45 used to work?
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  11. I was curious of this too, and went to the Palisades Mall website where it reads "The possession of any weapon, unless authorized by local, state, or federal statute, is prohibited." So as long as you have your unrestricted permit, there should be no problem. That being said, I heard from my wife that her coworker was with a guy who is a peace officer and was carrying concealed. Supposedly, they did their thing at the mall and left. They soon got pulled over and were questioned about being at the mall and the fact that he was carrying. The police seemed to know exactly where they went throughout the mall and what they did. I don't know how anyone knew he was carrying, perhaps he was printing or something. My wife was under the impression that they have some sort of device that detects firearms. I doubt that.

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