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Thread: Need Help Asap Permit Question

  1. Thank you for your support i have to meet with my laywer next week to file my appeal and find out how much !!!!! i wish icould show you how insane this judge is but it might hurt me in the end all i can say is he left alot of doors open 1 example of this is he stated a case that say's anybody with a mental illness shall not be issued a pistol permit well think about that statement a eating disorder is a mental illness nicotine addication is one too so if any permits were issued to anyone who ever had these then my denial is arbitatury and the list goes on you would not believe what is considered mental illness look up dsm 4 on the net and i'm sure there have been people with so called mental illness issued ccw in ny so let's pray!!!! and yes i'm a nra member i have to wait until mon to talk to someone

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    Call the NRA and also The NY rifle and pistol assn. They may want to take your case and push the issue.
    NY state is out of control but thats because its a left wing liberal state.

  4. I agree i have to wait until mon to get in touch with the nra this is crazy !

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    Good move, but I would also call the NYS rifle and Pistol assn being they deal with NY state. The more I think about this the more angry I get. I thought that the only time they could deny you or take away your permit was if you were sent to a nut house agaist your will. In todays world everyone is on some sort of meds for something. This could turn into a witch hunt. If someone has depression but can function does that mean their rights should be taken away?
    This is utter ******** and should be fought.

  6. I agree this is ******** listen to this it is in the letter THE DAVID H COURT CONSTRUED SECTION 400 OF THE PENAL LAW TO PRECLUDE A PERSON WITH ANY "MENTAL ILLNESS" FROM ISSUANCE OF A PISTOL PERMIT!!!!!!!!!! now as i have said before a mental illnes is so vague it ranges from eating disorders to nicotine addication so if you sought help you are mentaly ill???????? unbelievable right but it is true i just hope i can afford to go all the way with this !!!! also i can find nothing on the DAVID H COURT HE TALKS ABOUT!

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    I hope you and your lawyer take this as far as you can until your right to self defence is recognized and a permit is issued. I agree you should contact both the national NRA and the NYSPRA. They are always looking to help someone whose 2nd Amendment rights are being trashed.

    Good luck and please keep us informed.
    Stay safe - DW
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  8. Well i'm going to try my lawyer said it will costs thousands so well see right now it is in the appeal stage which means it goes to the appeals court and 5 judges decide and my lawyer does what he can to convince them it is arbtuary and they decide i don't even see the court room my fate is in their hands so well see!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Has anyone ever dealt with anybody at the nra in particular for help paying for a lawyer or for them to get involved?

  10. i have lost the appeal!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sorry to hear that you lost the appeal.

    What options are still open to you to secure your rights? What does your attorney say??
    Stay safe - DW
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