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    Lightbulb >NYPD Beatdown<

    Tip of the day....when the cops tell you to put your hands behind your back, just comply.

    Ehud Halevi Beaten by NYPD Officers at Jewish ALIYA Center in Brooklyn Neighborhood Crown Heights | Video | TheBlaze.com
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    It was a good lesson to this ******* who will think twice in the future about using threatening body language towards police and non compliance with a legal order.

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    It took eleven of these NYPD heroes to subdue one skinny man who just woke up and was entitled to be there because he had permission. Their mothers should be proud. Maybe cut back on the doughnuts boys and you could billy-club him to a coma with only 5 or 6 officers. I am no bleeding heart but we are not under martial law folks. NYPD cops have too little ability to talk to someone and too quick a desire to beat them.

    I watched the video twice and never saw his "threatening body language" Sandy Scott. He didn't square off on the officers and didn't go into a fighting posture, not even when he was being beaten for about five minutes before the rest of the cops arrived. I agree he should have just complied and put his hands behind his back but their response was out of line.

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    Totally out of line. The male cop was looking for a fight. See the way he starts dancing like he thinks he's a prize fighter. Pathetic.

    Audio would be nice but... Ehud Halevi is going to get paid.

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    Just once I would like to see some Steven Seagal or Jet Li martial arts guy kick one of their asses. Their bad karma is going to catch up with them sooner or later. Until then I guess the city can keep writing checks for the lawsuits.
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