Republicans Try to Keep Control of New York State Senate -
G.O.P. in Surprise Fight to Hold New York Senate

I tried to warn as many gun owners as I could.
If the Dems win the Senate, there is nothing stopping the Anti's from turning NY State into NY City when it comes to guns.

Remember this next year. Microstamping will add more cost and more restrictions. I will cause the few manufacturers to leave NY.
Here is the pending legislation
50 Cal. Ban Legislation
Ammo Encoding
Ammunition Sale Regulation
Armor Piercing, Frangible Ammo
Assault Weapon Ban
Dealer Restrictions
Domestic Violence
Microstamping Firearms
Parks Possession
Pistol License
Safe Storage
Smart Guns
Weapons Seizure

Its over! NY is still stuck on stupid.

In a Democracy, when the ignorant masses become 51% they get what they deserve. Unfortunately everyone else gets what the ignorant masses deserve too.