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    There have been many that have said that the Heller decision was just meant for D.C. and not for any of the States. That "incorporation" was not included. Not that I agree but that is the way law works. It is to bad the 2a isn't for every law-abiding citizen in America, the way it was supposed to be. It will take lawsuits, using the Heller case, to prove that state gun laws fail constitutional muster. It's to bad that it will take years and years for this to happen. New York State is one of those states that will fight tooth and nail to keep it's Unconstitutional gun laws. Oops, I meant to say "sensible". hahaha
    I agree that it will take one or more lawsuits filed in this state before we get full recognition of our 2nd Amendment rights. However, Article two, Section 4 of NYS Bill of Rights contained in the Civil Rights Law mimics the 2nd Amendment, except for the words "...shall not be infringed" reads ...cannot be infringed." How can they say carrying is a privilege and not a right?? Any lawyers out there care to explain??
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