This lawyer already has at least 2 lawsuits against NYS. He is the real deal, not asking for money just support. Connie and Louie

From Maximillian G. Tresmond
From Tresmond Law who is fighting the safe act.
Please pass this along as Max is trying his best organize the gun owners of NY into a United Group. Send him an email so you will get info on his efforts going forward.

Dear friends,

These are trying times for New Yorkers. Everyone is understandably worried about their rights under the administration of a despotic governor. It is bad enough that your fundamental right to possess firearms has been abrogated; unfortunately, the human rights abuses in New York are not limited to gun rights. Inter alia, your fourth amendment privacy rights, your fifth and fourteenth amendment rights to due process, your fifth and fourteenth amendment property rights, your ninth amendment rights to self-defense are in peril not to mention your first amendment right to freedom of speech, onto which the administration has placed a chilling effect. Everyone is understandably upset. You are worried. Perhaps some of you are considering whether it is time to move to another state. It most certainly is not.

It is time to fight. This is an emergency.

I believe that we will ultimately prevail against the NY SAFE Act in court ultimately, in all of the cases, including the NYSRPA case. If the court grants certiorari, the legal team will file an Amicus Brief on behalf of aggrieved parties in Kachalsky v. Cacace. I am confident of an ultimate victory.

However, this letter comes not from the legal team, nor does it advocate another legal challenge. That front is already being managed carefully. We must add a political dynamic to our efforts. Tonight I ask you to join me, effective immediately, to organize gun owners in this state to make sure those responsible for the NY SAFE Act suffer severe political retribution for the anti-constitution, anti-American, and anti-human rights mess they created here.

Please allow me to give you a brief background about myself. I was raised in a political environment. I have political connections throughout Western New York all the way to Albany. I have been heavily engaged in the political process in New York; I have seen successes in various efforts and I have seen all too many well intentioned taxpayer revolts fizzle into nothingness. I can quote the NYS Election Law and accompanying court decisions chapter and verse, the way a minister can quote the bible from memory. I have learned how politicians become corrupt and how they exert control over one another through a unique processes known as electoral fusion, which has been outlawed in most states. I know what works, and I know what does not work.

We can make this governor and his cabal pay for what he did, but only if we work together. If you choose to join me, you will be briefed with an update of how the NY SAFE Act came to be, how political control is exerted in Albany, and what we can do to change this. Defeat will only occur when we, collectively, give in.

I want to share this compendium of knowledge with you for the purposes of organizing the gun owners of the state of New York. I am asking for your vote of confidence in creating the most powerful and vindictive movement against those who believe that New York is not the United States of America, but a land where tyranny rules and our Constitution is a memory.

Thousands have written asking how they can help. Here is your answer. I am not asking for money, but I am asking for honest organization and support. I have a plan to execute and it is a good plan at that. Please have your friends and family contact me. If you have not done so, please provide me with an email address where you can be reached. We need email addresses to create an effective communication line and we need to get everyone together for a meeting as soon as possible. Nothing in New York has never been so urgent. This is my message of necessity.

We will beat them at their own game. In the words of Winston Churchill, we shall never surrender.

Maximillian G. Tresmond

Post Script: My email is [email protected] - please reply there. Please send everyone you can possibly get. This is an emergency.