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Thread: Do New York gun owners have enough patriots to vote the anti-gunners out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrs View Post
    Notice his safety glasses?

    I also heard a story on the radio the other day that Bloomberg has "special permission" from the Bahamian government that allows him to have his ARMED bodyguards with him when he goes to his home there every weekend....even though guns are illegal there. Another "DO AS I SAY...NOT AS I DO" liberal.
    Chucky Cheese has both a NYS and NYC CCW permit. Hypocritus ultimatus.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jrs View Post
    I recently saw a post on a pro-2a forum which made an interesting point and suggested a way to take back our state government from the LIB's. We conservatives need to infiltrate (en mass) by changing registration to for the most conservative candidates in the Democratic primaries.....then in the privacy of the voting booth the general election we vote for "our" Conservative non-liberal....non-democrat... candidates!!! The Democrat party, nor the Election commission can do anything to prevent you from voting in their long as you are a "registered" Democrat. Although most Democrats don't know this....even though you're registered as a Democrat, you don't HAVE TO vote for a Democrat in the General election.

    I have been doing that for years, I register democrat, only to vote for the weaker democratic nominee in the primaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    The short answer is NO!
    NYC and the surrounding suburbs represent about 40% of the entire state population. This is a liberal enclave where 40% of the population lives on 2% of the actual state lands. Add-in a few other liberal cities like Albany and it's about even. So despite upstate being predominantly republican, there's enough transplants in upstate NY to sway the vote. Upstate NY residents are disenfranchised. Their vote has zero affect on state and national elections.
    Add Buffalo and the City of Rochester to that list. The liberals have a "sure fire" method to get out the vote.... all they have to say is "They want to take away your benefits...make you get a job).. (aka...make you take some responsibility for your own life)....then they send buses into the neighborhoods and/or pass out cigarettes at polling sites(outside of the distance limits of course) to get "their" voters to the polls.

  5. YES WE DO. This great article with statistics show you we are the majority when it comes to eligible voters. The Midnight Ride This will be the biggest defeat of the progressive left since i can remember.

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