The County Seat of Chautauqua County is Mayville NY

Some time during the week of April 29th are you able to answer a muster call? I know that many of us still work but if you can take a few hours to possibly watch history being made.
The County Court House will be the scene of a hearing where the State of New York has to answer and prove to a judge that the NYSAFE Act is Constitutional.
The possibility of an injunction is at least 50/50.

Once the time and date is known. I will be driving there to watch the proceedings. Hour and a half drive for me.
If you live on the Western Side of the State, I hope to see you there too.
If you can be mustered and make it PM me. Once I know you will know.

The word of the day is ___________if by land or __________if by sea.
One if on Monday Two if on Tuesday and on and on.
So if you get a message that says Two if by land and 10.5 if by sea, the hearing will be on Tuesday at 10:30am

We will be civil. We will be quiet. We will be many.