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Thread: May be Moving to Florida. Convert my current NY permit to NY non-res?

  1. Thank you BC1, this is exactly the info I was looking for. I will contact the admin person in my issuing county. They have been great to deal with on other issues. Fingers crossed'

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    I have a NY carry permit and moved to VA. I have had my permit since 1972 and it is from cattaraugus county. I called the NYSP and they told me that the issuing county does the change over. I am working on mine now. I also have a VA CCW.

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    My uncle who retired to Florida in 2005 kept his New York State Permit. He applied for, and received his Florida permit shortly after moving to Florida. Only problem he had was finding an address in New York to put on his pistol permit. I ended up letting him use mine.

    Since then, 8 years ago there has never been an issue. My suggestion to you, is to do the same you never know if you might come back to NYS, and if you do, you have your permit.

    Once you surrender it, you would have to go through the whole ridiculous process of getting your permit all over again.

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    I did not realize that I ,or my uncle where committing such gross violations. I have since reached out to my uncle, and advised him of the of the Law. I advised him that he could no longer use my address.

    He was a little upset with me, but in the end, he agreed that he would write a letter to the Pistol Permit Department advising them that, he no longer resides in New York State,and he is surrendering his New York State pistol permit.

    BC1, thank you for educating me on this situation, and sparing me from any complications in the future.

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  5. BC1 has some valid points, but I would speak to an attorney in your county, who regularly deals with pistol permitting in that county, before surrendering any permits.

  6. It's not my permit. it's my Uncle's , and he hasn't been back into New York since her left.

    No big deal for him

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