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    I'm filling out an application as I write this post. I live in Cayuga County and going by the map above it looks like I have a good chance of getting the permit. Obviously, I want an unrestricted license.

    Isn't is illegal to ask for your "race"? I mean, I don't really care, but it seems the liberals are being hypocritial here. But I guess that's nothing new.

    The thing I have the most worry over it the dreaded "A License is required for the following reason:" I'm afraid that what I put down may "make it or break it" as far as no restrictions go. The following reasons I have come up with are this: Hunting,Personal Safety (Self Defense), Target Practice,Home Defense, and Possible Future Employment.

    I have seen though on some websites that you should write "For all lawful purposes, I request an unrestricted license".

    Should it be a combination of both/all of the above?
    I live in Ulster County and I was told that the quickest way to get an unrestricted CCW was to use as a reason "For self-defense". I used that as my reason and was approved in about 6 weeks when I was originally told it would take up to 8 months because of cutbacks.

    I also work in Spring Valley and personally know many of my employees that live in Rockland County and they have all been granted restricted licenses for sport and home defense. I have yet to know anyone living in Rockland to get an unrestricted CCW.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stresco View Post
    I got my license first in Orange county with restrictions on it. I recently moved to Ulster county. When I went in to have my permit changed over to the new county, I requested that the restrictions were removed. Unbelievably, the judge granted my request. I have been waiting for my new permit card for over 2 weeks now though. They are really backed up.
    I wonder if it was Judge Williams. He seems the most Pro-Gun there.
    "I am a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf."

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    Okay, Suffolk County (listed as red on the map) is divided into two licensing jurisdictions. It is the only one in New York State that has this. The five western towns (Babylon, Islip, Smithtown, Huntington, Brookhaven) are issued by the SCPD. The five eastern towns (East Hampton, Southampton, Southold, Shelter Island, and Riverhead) are issued by the Sheriff's Office.

    Regarding the latter: Carry Licenses for Sportsman and Sportsman/Business and Employment purposes are "almost shall issue." Submit the required paperwork and you will receive the license. It is NOT like NYC where even if you do submit the paperwork, you might not get it.

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