Should we be Concerned, or just watching out for the safety of "First Responders"
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Thread: Should we be Concerned, or just watching out for the safety of "First Responders"

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    Should we be Concerned, or just watching out for the safety of "First Responders"

    Suppose you lived in the land of the free because of the brave, and you had a God given right to do something.

    Like sit anywhere on a bus or own a gun. A government group comes along and doesn't like it.
    They do everything in their power to track you and your associates. They maintain a database that is only available to the Group. Is it right? Is it anti American?

    When I was a Police Officer riding a sector or beat: If a call came in at a certain location or we overheard another unit running the name of an individual, we would advise each other on the car to car channel, something like, “Hey Tom the guy in that house is OBS or 5150 use extra caution.” Or Hey that guy just got out of County Jail or whatever. We relied on each other experience and knowledge of the area.
    Today there is a very fine line between police work (basic common sense) and profiling.

    Back to my point.
    Here in the People's Republik of New York, before you can purchase a handgun, you must seek permission from the State, and pay several hundred dollars not including the gun. The process demands that you provide Four references non- related that can vouch for your veracity.

    The local police must interview each of the four references and it is all done in a capricious and arbitrary manner. (willy-nilly) Some send letters – some make phone calls The whole process can take between 30 days in County A to 18 months or more in County B.

    Recently I learned that when these “reference” interviews are completed, the house address name and phone are entered in to a database for future reference. Now when a call comes in at that address, the information that the person is associated with a licensed gun owner is available.

    I mean WTF is this profiling or what? Since when is it okay to profile any group?

    Now since a licensed gun owner and his associates are by definition “law abiding citizens” what is the point of keeping these records for this particular group?

    It is illegal for the government to maintain a gun registry.

    It is not illegal for New York to maintain a back door registry of everyone associated with gun owners, in the land of the free because of the brave. Just as the new AMMO data base is a back door gun registry. In the end they will know who you are what kind of guns you own based on the ammo you purchase.

    So when the day comes and they ever really want to dis-arm the public, by force if necessary, The means are there,

    at least in the Peoples Republik of New York and maybe in your state too.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    Wow! My son-in-law is from Manhattan, now lives in VA, and he is always amazed at the people he sees in VA open carrying, and how easy it is to buy a gun. He bought his 1911 by walking into a gun shop, NICS check, paid cash, out the door with his guns. Virginia does not register guns of any kind. He talked about that for weeks. I never really understood why that seemed so amazing to him, but reading your post on NY now I do!

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