Erie County Pistol Permit Restrictions
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Thread: Erie County Pistol Permit Restrictions

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    Erie County Pistol Permit Restrictions

    I just received my Erie County pistol permit 9/25/13.... FINALLY, but was restricted to target/hunting. I have a few questions and I would love to hear opinions, stories and past experiences relating to those questions. So hear they are:

    1. How many people on here carry outside of their restrictions or know of someone that does? Is it advised or frowned upon by my fellow gun owners? I have been told by some people its not a good idea, and been told by others (specifically people I purchased the gun from, Store not mentioned), to just carry it anyways as its not against the law and it is the only way to get used to carrying it.

    2. Going to the range or hunting:
    a. Do I carry on my person or in a lock box? Loaded or unloaded? Can I make any stops in between (gas station, store, friends house, parents house)?
    b. Does the "range" have to be a sanctioned range, or can I consider my parents house (with ample room for target shooting) a valid range?

    3. Do I really have to wait 5 years to apply for unrestricted?
    a. I have no "real" reason to carry concealed other than the logical and common sense answer.... Personal Protection. Have I ever needed it before, NO. Do I ever want to need it, NO. But I went through the grueling Erie County and NYS application process, waiting 15 months, to only get restricted. I have it, I want to carry it, and have it IN THE CASE, god forbid, that I actually do need it. My mugger isnt going to care about the law, restrictions, or permits.

    That being said, I am just finally glad to have gotten my permit finally and will be practicing weekly for the first 6 months (lots of money :( lol).

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    From Pistol Permits FAQs

    Q - What section of the Penal Law authorizes the placing of restrictions on pistol permits by the issuing authority?

    The Penal Law does not specifically authorize the placing of restrictions on pistol permits. However, court decisions have consistently supported the ability of licensing officials to impose these restrictions. Such an imposition is an administrative function of the licensing officer.

    Licensees in violation of these restrictions would therefore not be subject to criminal prosecution but would face action being taken by the court of issuance in the form of suspension or possible revocation of the license.

    Luckily for me, when I lived in NY it was in a county that didn't restrict licenses. St. Lawrence Co.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgiven1 View Post
    From Pistol Permits FAQs

    Luckily for me, when I lived in NY it was in a county that didn't restrict licenses. St. Lawrence Co.
    Lol, lucky you!. I screwed myself. I applied shortly after changing my address from my parents house in Niagara County to my current address with my wife in Erie County. Bummer.....

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    happened to me in Monroe county, went to the county clerk and filled out an amendment to have it taken off. if you didn't put the restrictions on your application, the they have no right to add it.

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    gramps - Nope, i applied for unrestricted but Erie county restricted the permit.

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    Genesee county is the same way. Now though you can apply for unrestricted after a year I think. I still carried outside of those restrictions.

    Congrats on finally getting it. I know Erie and Monroe counties are crazy in their time frame from start to finish.

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