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    RHEAJ- Well said. Im not giving up yet, but I am looking at other states for a "bugout" place.
    GDCLEANFUN- Great idea. Maybe we should all chip in and put adds in our local papers. Anyone in?
    WULFPAC- Thanks for the words and the invite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willyNY View Post
    I have been thinking and plotting to leave NY (where I was born and raised) for a long time. Every day I think about it more and more. Sometimes I feel that it is cowardly to leave because I disagree with the laws, the politicians, the schools, and most people in my community.

    There are a lot of good people here that I agree with, however, I do not see the passion in others for the sports, activities, and hobbies that I cherish. new york might be hopeless. The day that I move on to find another home is drawing closer, but as long as I am here, I will continue to fight for all of our rights.
    Move to NH. See the link here for info on the FreeState project. Some of the LP'ers are a bit 'querky,' but they love the second amendment!
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    Thanks. Very interesting site and idea.

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    Move to a real free state NH. More and more people move here for more rights and no tax. They have all come together and are fighting to keep NH free. Trust me they make there voice known to all in power and fight the so called MAN on every topic. From having to have a CWP to having to have a Drivers Lic and so on they are hear the fight has started. Most of them are out of starters but some born and raised NHer's are coming into the fight. I'm not there yet I'm on the fence.


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    Infidel, I have been eyeing the Free State Project for quite a while. As their website has grown and become more organized with more resources, I cannot help but think I am well within the 5 year horizon to move there.

    My mind is made up. I am not going to stay in ny forever. NH sounds better and better the more I learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    WELL STATED! What you said needs to be posted and plastered on every sign, every bill board, street corner, building, parking lot, newspaper ad, magazine rack, EVERYWHERE! from Maine to California, from Washington State to Florida, in Alaska and Hawaii, to the outer holdings, AND BEYOND!
    Totally agree...If someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way to get there hands on it (legally or illegally). JMO of course.
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