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    Alright i recently applied for handgun permit, and i have my interview scheduled for this Thursday and I'm kind of nervous. Basically what I am asking is do any of you know what kind of questions are they going to ask me. I really do not want to fail at the interview especially after paying so much. Thank you for taking out your busy time to help! I know stating where I am applying for my handgun license would really help so to make it easier for myself and others I am applying for my handgun license in New York City. Once Again Thank You!
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    In my county, I didn't have to be interviewed at all. Afraid I can't help here. :-(

  4. Thanks for taking out the time to try to help me out I appreciate it

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    Don't you just LOVE it when you post a LEGIT question of the group and some knuckle-head replies: "Well where I live I don't need what you do!" Very helpful!
    Maxim, if you don't know or can help in any way why bother even replying?
    I Googled around and found this, hope it helps, way legal-lingo heavy but still it's CCW law by county in NY-State/NYC and general do's and don't, disqualify vs. eligible and more.
    Firearm Laws for New York
    Good luck getting your permit M8!


  6. Thank You so much Canis very helpful information!

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    How'd the interview go? I'd make sure you know everything you wrote on your application, such as reasons for applying, etc. I'm not 100% but I think the officer is supposed to verify the truthfulness of all statements on the application, so I am guessing the interview is one of the ways of doing that, i.e. seeing if your verbal answers match what you wrote.

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