NY pistol license application question - 'race'
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Thread: NY pistol license application question - 'race'

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    Question NY pistol license application question - 'race'

    Hi all, trying to fill out the NYS Pistol/Revolver license application. In the spot for 'RACE', it has four spaces. What would you put for white/caucasian? WHIT, just W or WHTE or I"m cornfused and I don't want to mess this up. Thanks!

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    As a pale bastard myself, I categorized myself as "CAUC".

    If they have a problem with that and ask if you meant to say white, tell them "No, I am Caucasion". It's a dumb box anyway.

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    I thought after January we were a post-racial society :-)
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    I put 'WHIT' or whatever would fit spelling WHITE. My permit is confirmed in process so it wasn't a problem, at least not through Putnam Co.

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    Ok thanks for the help guys! I think I am going to go with WHIT to be consistent with the ATF 4473 form.

    Although it's kind of funny since the 4473 form says 'check one or more boxes'

  7. there's no "other" category...

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