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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

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    Eight Months minus 3 days and I was finally contacted for background check interview.
    References still not contacted.

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    Has anyone applied for a permit in Wyoming County recently? I have had my paper work in for almost 3 months and was wondering how long it took for others. Do they call you when it is done or mail something to you?

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    Kathy Hochul will be on the Donald Pesola's show ("Sandy Beach") Friday, June 11, 2010 (along with two guys from the Gun Center) between 3 and 5 pm.

    It will be a chance to confront her about the inordinate length of time it takes to get a permit.

    We have to call in though, Don is a Kathy salad tosser, so we can't depend on him to raise the issue, he'll just congratulate her for "speeding up the process"

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    Call in anyway

    The Erie County system for Pistol Permits is ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS
    Absence of a rational connection between the facts found and the choice made.
    An action not based upon consideration of relevant factors and so is arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law or if it was taken without observance of procedure required by law.

    The Statute clearly states no longer than six months.
    Now "they" spin that to mean when it finally leaves the permit office and goes to the Judges office, the Judge has six months. BULL!

    The ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS error is making that ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS conclusion.

    Call and drive home that point.

  6. Unrestricted Permit

    To : Anyone who's received an unrestricted permit or who's had their restrictions removed.

    What reason did you list on your application / amendment request to justify receiving an unrestricted permit? Are there any objective criteria used by the judge to make his decision?

    How long after receiving your restricted license did you receive your unrestricted license.

    Did you know someone?

    Does it help if yu're an NRA certified firearms instructor?

    Please provide details.


    Thought this might help some of you still waiting for your permit.

    I applied for my permit in April 2009 and went through all of the same BS tha you're all still going through. In March 2010 I heard Kathy Hochul on the Sandy Beach radio show talking about the efficiencies she brought to the DMV in Buffalo. I decided to contact her via e-mail and find out why it takes so long to get your permit in Erie County.

    I wrote a very respectful e-mail, expressed my concerns and asked her to contact me. I mentioned that I am a member of two Rod and Gun Clubs ( Hamburg and Eden/ North Collins ) and that there are many of my fellow members with the same concern.

    Unbelieveably, two days later she called me and apologetically tried to explain the challenges she was facing at the PPB. I listened closely and didn't do much talking, thanked her for her response and asked that she not reveal my name to the PPB staff for fear of retribution.

    Well she must have must have said something to someone because I spoke with her on a Wednesday at noon and received my approval letter two days later ( Friday ). I went down to the PPB with my approval letter on the following Monday and four days later I got my permit in the mail. At the time I e-mailed her I ws expecting to wait another two months. Instead I had my permit in 9 days.

    My point is, go to the top with your requests, be respectful and let it be known that you have many friends ( voters ) who have your same concerns ( my friends at the Rod and Gun clubs).

    You can get Mrs Hochuls e-mail address at the Erie County website.

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    In responce to your question about getting restrictions lifted off your permit. when I filled out the reason for my upgrade request. I advised Judge B oller that I was Applying for my PA license to carry firearms because I was going to start hunting in Pa and in order to apply I needed No restrictions on my permit for PA in issue my permit and also I advised The Judge that in order to be completely legal while driving to and from PA that I would Respectfully request an Un restricted permit because I would be driving at night and there are no legal shooting clubs open at that time of the evening. and about 2 weeks after sending upgrade request I received the approval letter in the mail. Now both me and my hunting partner did this and it worked good luck let me know outcome.

  8. PA Unrestriced

    I applied for my PA permit 2 weeks after receiving my Erie County Permit (Target and Hunting) and received a permit to carry in PA for the reasons of self defense. Total turn around time was about 3 weeks, so I'm not sure that the PA permit is a good enough sole reason for getting the restrictions lifted. Maybe Mr. Boller is having a change of heart? I sent my upgrade to have my restrictions lifted from my Erie County permit at the same time I sent my PA application and still have not heard anything. I put self defense, stated a time I was robbed at gun point and put in that my main reason is that I want to be able to protect my family should the need present itself. I also put that I have no intentions on being a hero, and I leave that job to the professionals. Either way hopefully there isn't a lapse in Mr. Boller's generosity and he continues to lift the restrictions on permits.

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    Thank you I was on vacation in Canada and would not have liistened to the show if you did not mention this. I nomrally listen during my commute from work.

  10. Yes that is true. The Judge is givving out unrestricted permits more often. I was surprised when i got one after my first try and waited only three months and i already have my permit and pistol at home

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    I was wondering.... Can you call and check on the status of your permit application? Or would it be a bad idea to bother them about it?

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