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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

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    Then it sounds like you would be a good test case. I would appeal on the ground that the judge's refusal to issue a conceal carry was arbitrary and capricious, and violates your 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Cool Too much information

    This less you say the better " I wish obtain permit for self defense as prescribed by the limits of NY state law" then briefly outline the reasons high crime area etc you aren't talking to the judge you are presenting him a legal document. Also no editorial comments made out of frustration or otherwise your frustration translates to being a hot head you screwed yourself the process in NY is frustrating but you have to deal with it

  4. Self Defence is NOT a valid reason for an unrestricted permit in Erie County NY. Buffalo NY has a shooting every single night. I hear sirens screaming all night long in our once safe neighborhood that is being destroyed by the ever encroaching ghetto. I even found a spent bullet in my driveway from one of the nitwits who shoot them up in the air on July 4th! The NY Pistol permit office issued both me and my wife Hunting Target permits only. I also have to keep them locked up in my own home with a trigger lock on them. Neither of us have ever been arrested, no traffic tickets in close to two decades for both of us. Not so much as a late utility payment. We are boring people who have never hurt, stolen or vandalized anything in our lives. We are both in our late 30's and we can't get a personal protection permit. Under the reason why we wanted a personal protection permit we both entered the following on our application:

    Personal protection due to the increasing and documented violent crimes and home invasions in our neighborhood.

    DENIED and issued Hunting Target permit with trigger lock requirment at all times. This was the final straw as I don't feel safe in my own home and can't stand sleeping with a deer hunting shotgun under my bed anymore! I figured if I am moving with no job lined up, I might as well go for broke and leave the state rather than just the city. My house just SOLD (at a loss) and I'm very happy!

    We are moving very soon and I can't wait to get out of this state. A state where only criminals are allowed to be armed. I've been here all my life and I hope to never come back here again, not even to visit. My whole family and most of my friends have already left so I will have no reason to.

    Good luck to all here and I wish you the best. I'm moving to a state where you can own a pistol with no permit at all, open carry with no permit at all and a concealed carry permit MUST be granted to you in 14 days or less if you have no criminal record. Best wishes.

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    I was born and raised in NYC, moved out of the state for a few years and then moved back a few years ago to Erie County. I am a former NYS peace officer and I was DENIED an unrestricted carry license and was told that I didn't show proper cause. Now you would think that being a former peace officer would have given me the unrestricted permit but it didn't. On the other hand...I have a friend who is an attorney and just put in an upgrade application for me. I have had the permit for over two years which at the time I applied was told to wait two years to apply for the upgrade. My attorney friend said that at this point we won't have a problem. I know in NYC that people retain lawyers to assist them in getting unrestricted permits. These attorneys charge an arm and a leg for their service, especially in NYC. I trust that being this is Erie County and I have obtained the services of an attorney that my chances of the unrestricted upgrade will be good. I'll keep you informed.

  6. Unhappy Denied

    Hello gents, I've been reading this thread over the last months, and it has been very useful in my understanding of the process. Unfortunately I today received a letter of denial from Kathleen C. Hochul. My timeline is as follows.

    October 2009 - Applied

    April 2010 - References Contacted

    May 2010 - Interview

    July 21, 2010 - Denial

    The Hon. M. William Boller states the reason for denial as: "The information received as the result of an investigation conducted by the Erie County Sheriff's Department and their subsequent recommendation for denial."

    I have a clean record, military service, 2 years as a security guard, desire to be an armed guard, go hunting, and am a memeber of a range. What in the heck did they deny me on? I have a valid Florida license which is now no good to me whatsoever. Thoughts? Advice? I'm all ears gentlemen.

  7. PFC Webb, that's very disturbing news. There must be an appeal process that you should pursue. Now they are denying people with clean records, wow. My app which I turned in back in sep 09 is now in the hands of the Buffalo PD. They haven't contacted myself or any of my refs yet. I'm going on 11 months...

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    Do you have any idea what information may have been negative? any arrests? domestic related matters?

    In any event, call the judge's office and ask for the specifics. Perhaps there was an error made and you can get the record corrected.

  9. My wife was denied a permit in Buffalo. The woman has never had so much as a traffic ticket in her whole life. She applied for an unrestricted permit to be used for self defense and took the required training course plus a live fire training course in PA. Denied with no explaination after 14 months of waiting.

  10. No, nothing negative in my past. No arrests, no altercations. I had a mother who was suicidal and required an ambulance once, but she moved 350 miles away a year ago.

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    I can Update on Wyoming County now:

    I recieved my permit in approximently 3 months, full carry no restrictions. I also had a friend turn hers in after mine and got it at the same time as i did, so I believe they must do them once they get a pile stacked up.

    I also was told that Wyoming County does not mess around with restrictions, they either give you full carry or nothing.

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