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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by WdStock44 View Post
    I was just curious as we are moving back to NY,Woming county to be exact. I was wondering what the wait time is for a new permit.
    I currently have a CCP from here in Va.and just wanted to know how hard it is to get one in Wyoming County, does anyone have any information?
    Also by having a CCP carry any weight as to shortening the wait time for said permit? Do I also have to ship my pistols through a FFL dealer to be leagal bringing them into the state or do I just bring them an become a non convicted felon? Any thoughts or ideas?
    Wyoming county is a much shorter wait than Erie county. I had a friend have his processed from beginning to end in less than a week, this was about two years ago.

    Like you I moved back to WNY from out of state (NC). I also had an unrestricted permit in NC, this of course did nothing to expedite the process in NY, and yes, I did have all my pistols transferred from an FFL in NC, to an FFL in NY where the pistols were temporarily put onto a family members permit for safe keeping while I waited the 8 months or so ( i live in Erie county) for my permit to be processed. If this hadn't been done, I would have had a hard time putting my pistols on my permit, as there needs to be a proof of sale, or a history behind the serial number..... or something when you add a gun to your permit. IE you couldn't buy a gun off the street and then put it on your permit (not that you would want to, but you get the point).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by WdStock44 View Post
    Do you know if they issue permits without restrictions? What kind of time frame am I looking at for a reply?
    Depends what county you live in, and the judge that is doing permits at the time. If you live outside of erie county (Cattaragaus, Wyoming, etc...) your chances of easily getting an unrestricted permit are much higher.

    In Erie county, it is rare / difficult to get an unrestricted permit right off the bat, unless you have a "need" for it. I know of a handful of people who have waited a few years and then gone back and had the restrictions removed from their permit with success.

    Some have cited that after X number of years without an incident they have proven that they are competent enough to have the restrictions removed etc.... I also know of one individual who is a DR. who cited being approached while leaving some of the urban hospitals for narcotics several times that he felt the need to have his restrictions removed, and they were.

    It also depends on the judge. Several years ago, when Penny Wolfgang was the judge in charge of pistol permits, here philosophy was that since the NYS code doesn't have restrictions listed under the pistol permit section (look it up, it doesn't), that the county shouldn't impose restrictions, therefore all Erie county permits she issued were unrestricted (lucky folks who had her preside over their permits!).

  5. May already know the answer but gen in ec it will take 10-12 months or longer as they are exp. a overload will not hear a thing and then suddenly you will get a call or info back..for me i was new to my town and i was able to get 4 people w/in ec and not just my town, basically just waiting on your dect. to interview and they usually just call your you could be waiting for the judge..when i applied for my NYS Pistol Dealers License it took me 6-8 mo more just b/c the judge was out of town and felt like taking their time, really can't rush those things..but thats ok b/c it only makes when you get it that much better..hope that elmira and other areas are only like a 2 mo wait

  6. I turned in completed paper work Jan. 2. The beginning of June the local police interviewed me and sent it back to the permit office for the final step, judges approval. Still waiting.....I hope it's soon...Trying to be patient...

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    Thanks to all for the information. There weren't many threads on the Interwebs about the Erie County, NY pistol permit application process, but now we have this good one with actual reports from people who completed the process. Thanks again.

    I haven't gotten a round tuit for applying for my NYS permit, but I did receive my Utah non-resident permit about 60 business days after application.

    I also saw the Erie County Clerk's page for pistol permits has been updated recently and has more forms and information than it used to have: Erie County Works - Erie County Clerk - Pistol Permits
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dayv View Post
    I turned in completed paper work Jan. 2. The beginning of June the local police interviewed me and sent it back to the permit office for the final step, judges approval. Still waiting.....I hope it's soon...Trying to be patient...
    Received my permit approval July 27. Now have to purchase my pistol, get receipt, turn in approval with receipt and wait another month or 2 and I'm ready to go!!
    I'll let you know how that turns out....

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    whats next?

    I was just visited by my local PD at home. They interviewed me and then my wife seperately. Then they said that I was approved and I should receive paperwork in approx 2-3 mos. My question is, doesn't a judge make the final decesion...

  10. Approved ?

    When you get the paperwork,thats the approval. The police gave their approval but the final comes with the paperwork and that's from the judge.It will take about 2 monthes.As long as there are no problems you are approved. If there was a problem, you will hear back much sooner.

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    thanks dayv.. I too thought a judge made the final decesion, but thats what they said..guess ill just wait and see.

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