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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

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    "what if the arrest was made outside of the county you are applying for a permit in? "

    Report everthing!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough.

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    "Above that is says JJC/slt."

    That's just the initials of who sent letter and who typed it.

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    You will not have to show a reciept for Lockbox, Your new Weapon should come with trigger Lock. Congrads on getting your Permit, welcome to the CCW Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayrab View Post
    I received my letter today from the pistol permit office. 2 year wait in city of buffalo. BC101, you got a ways to go yet. BPD called me in May for phone interview. You don't have to go in person in city. However, my refs weren't contacted until Sept. I'm not sure why that took 4 months. Anyway I'm not angry anymore cause I'm buying myself a glock for christmas. I do have a question for the forum.

    But why a Glock? If this is the first time you have used a handgun I'd suggest you treat yourself to a 22 for target practice (or get the 22 conversion kit for the Glock if there is one for the model you plan to buy.)

    That way you don't waste a lot of money on ammunition just to shoot up the berm at the range.

    And whatever weapon you get, have you joined a club with a range? If not, consider the Tonawandas Sportsmens Club. We have indoor and outdoor pistol ranges, in addition to rifle and archery ranges, skeet, trap, and sporting clays, plus 300+ acres for hunting. A two hour range officer class will get you a 24-hour key to the indoor pistol range (although it is sometimes rented by local law enforcement.)

    More importantly, there are many friendly members that will help and guide you.

    All for less than $300 per year.

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    $300 is a good deal.

    If you were busted 20 years ago in another state, REPORT IT on your application. It will all come back to hauntyou if you don't. These authorities are looking for HONESTY! They understand when somebody is older but did something stupid (perhaps pot related)in college. I have a friend who was accused of shoplifting almost 20 yrs ago and honestly forgot about it. It showed up. He had to get whatever paperwork from the state where it took place that showed he was not charged because something showed up in his background. I was shocked because he is not that type whatsoever, but there was some kind of arrest way back when. We are talking the difference of he is on the east coast, this took place on the west coast.

    To wait two years for a permit in the city of Buffalo sounds criminal.

  7. Hello. I am new to the forum and have a question about having my restrictions lifted on my hunting/target permit. I have had my permit for four years. I am upgrading for the "business protection" category due to my part time job working for an electrician. I called the permit office and the woman told me all I need is the application and a letter from my employer stating the reasons for me to carry. I also asked that I do have training as a NYS Peace Officer, though I'm not a sworn peace officer (we had to have the training when I started my full time job, then negotiated out of our contract before being sworn), and asked if I should include my certificate from the class, she said that its not necessary to do that. I don't want to mess this application process up, I have a clean background (due to my full time job, we have extensive background checks every few weeks). I am not a member of the NRA or SCOPE and wondered if that will hurt the decision. Any advice anyone could provide me would be great.

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    Support of associations does not matter when it comes to pistol permits. Enclosing a copy of your training wouldn't hurt, as it shows that your not a knob with a pistol. Becoming a NRA member helps the cause and increases the numbers, fighting for our freedom is a big deal and they do it. Supporting the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association would be nice too on a local state level;

  9. Agree with above. I would include a copy of your training documents and any experience with a firearm. Being a member of the NRA, S.C.O.P.E. and NYSRPA or even just one of these groups helps you and all of us gun owners, it does not hurt that the judge is a member of all of these groups as well. You can find more info on the NRA membership benefits here as wel as getting $10 off you membership by clicking here: The NRA Firearms Training of WNY

    You can also e-mail us with any questions.

    [email protected]

  10. Thank you for your replies, your information was very helpful. I will be joining the NRA after the holidays.

  11. Im coming up on 6 months and haven't heard a peep. None of my references have been contacted as of yet.

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