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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

  1. i turned in my application in on 6-1-11 registered my first pistol on 11-2-2011 village of hamburg 5 months 1 day

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    I am preparing to apply in Erie County; my next step is getting four people in my town who I have known for at least a few years to agree to be my 'character references' and sign my applications.
    in erie county, your referances can be from any town within the county of erie
    This is not entirely accurate.
    Each town within the County has their own rules and preferences for reference residency.

    For example, city of Buffalo residents can use references from any town within Erie County.
    I believe Cheektowaga requires your references to actually be from Cheektowaga.
    I don't remember which, but I am pretty sure that there are other towns within Erie who require references to live within that town.

    If you ask the clerk at the pistol permit office, they will tell you which towns are/are not lenient with the reference residency thing.

  4. What exactly do you need to co-register a pistol

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    To Co-Register an Handgun,

    Both Parties need to go down to Pistol Permit office, and Fill out Paperwork.
    Tell which ever clerk that is taking care of you that you wish to Co-Register Handgun. Thats it, Its a simple Procedure.

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    Can a handgun be registered to more than two permit holder such as my wife and both sons?
    Peace Of Mind

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    I do believe so. As long As it is Immeadiate Family

  8. Finally my congratulations letter came. Handed my app in May 5, 2011 received my letter April 21,2012. A month shy of a year. I just bought a Stoger Cougar 40cal anyone have any experience with this gun, is it a good gun.

  9. Nice!!

    When was your interview - i called the office earlier this month and was told it was on a judges desk... Maybe we were in the same pile..... :)

  10. I had a phone interview by detective allen of the buffalo police, i believe it was like feb 21 something like that ,she told me it would be about 6 weeks before i hear something from the judge.

  11. Got my letter today!! I was about 6 months and 1 week.

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