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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

  1. Most counties won't allow law enforcement officers to sign a character referance.If any of your ref's have a criminal past that is just a way for them to deny you a permit or require a new character referance.Best bet find a good referance who also has a handgun permit.It helps if the county you live in is pro gun.

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    What Town do you live in? I"m a Member of 2 Shooting Clubs Maybe, we can help you out...

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    I applied for mine in the early 90's. fingerprints, ref: from Sherrif's, Judge, and 2 long time friends.
    Waited for over 1 year. NYS lost it!

    In the south, 8hr.class, $150 bucks, 90day wait. Priceless!!!!

  5. i live in orchard park, if you could pm me or something and help me out that would be great

  6. Just an update on my process..
    submitted application May 15th 09, live in Cheektowaga, NY....called November 12th to see the status of my application and the lady told me it was sent to the FBI in August and hasn't been sent back yet....she said it takes 8 months to a year and to give it a few more months before my references get I'm guessing/hoping it shouldn't be to much longer before the next step of the process....I'll update again in a few months...

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    Question Got the letter, How long now?

    I was approved for hunting and target, and have taken my pistol receipt downtown, ERIE CO. How long for the actual card to come so I can pick up my new family member

  8. CCW permit application in Erie county

    Submitted my permit application to EC pistol permit bureau in mid April '09, fingerprinted in Orchard Park 1 week later.

    My references were mailed a questionaire by OP PD about 10/26/09 and I was called for a phone interview on November 8th by OP PD.

    Anyone know the process and time frame from this point on before getting my permit?

  9. Well at this point, I turned my application in Dec 08, references were checked in August and Sept and called last week and was told the judge has it and should be a few more weeks.

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    My completed application was submitted in October of 2008. The reference check was not sent to my local police department until Februray of 2009. the detective in charged didn't do the reference check until October of 2009.

    I called the Pistol Permit office the other day to check on the status and was told "you'll get a letter in a week or two with directions."

    As I understand it I'll have a set number of days to purchase a firearm, then I have to submit the receipt and get it registered on my permit, then I have to wait another 6 to 8 weeks to get the actual permit to be able to pick up the gun.

    How does it work for a subsequent firearm - same 6 to 8 week wait after purchasiing it,or is the process different?

  11. Wink Permit application on line

    Hey folks I have been a permit holder since 1989 Non restricted since 1990. Here is the link to the application sans fingerprint cards but you don't need them until you go with your completed application back to Permit office with the completed application for review.
    And for folks with problems getting references join a local town based club firearms or not. Gun friendly people can be spotted we gravitate towards one and other. So much the better if you are in a club that has local PD members who can get to know you.They may not be able to sign a reference but they might put a word in for you or even help you out

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