Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process
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Thread: Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

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    Arrow Erie County, NY Pistol Permit Application Process

    Hi all. I didn't see any threads on here specifically about Erie County, NY so I thought I would start one.

    Any info that might be useful for people applying in Erie County would be great, for example
    • How long it took to get your permit
    • Any problems you encountered
    • Who is your local PD and did they send questionnaires or phone call your character references
    • What restrictions (if any) you got on your permit verses what you applied/asked for.

    Erie County Works - Erie County Clerk - Pistol Permits - Obtain application in person or by mail from the Erie County Clerk's Office; site also has an example of the Erie County portion of the application.

    Any info I have been able to find indicates Erie County, NY permits are generally issued with restrictions such as hunting and target.

    "Applicants must have instructions in the safe handling of firearms from a certified instructor, and proof of such training must be submitted with the application." It appears the NRA Basic Pistol class satisfies this requirement. Many locations offer the class, a couple I know of:
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    I am preparing to apply in Erie County; my next step is getting four people in my town who I have known for at least a few years to agree to be my 'character references' and sign my applications.

  4. Well I am new here, but I had turned in my application, money, prints and the whole deal in Erie County 3 months ago now, and still haven't heard a thing, when I went in the told me to expect a 6 month wait, I am halfway there! I will keep you abreast of what happens.

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    Ok thanks for the info! and I was just up at a local shop and the word is 6-8 months right now if everything checks out, your references respond, etc. They said pistol permit applications are way up.

    Did any of your character references say they've been contacted yet?
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    Oh hey, quick question, when you got your application packet, was it folded? I sent for mine by mail so it has two folds in it to fit in the envelope. I"m wondering if they're folded if you pick them up at the Clerk's office?

    Some states say the fingerprint card will be rejected if it is folded. I think NY does their own background check maybe not using FBI or something since NY card's are not the FBI cards like Utah and Florida use.
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  7. It was folded, and of course when I went to get my prints done, I got scolded, for it being shuffled and I explained to the officer it was sent to me that way via the mail and he said that someone messed up, so your probably better off picking one up. As far as references nobody has heard anything as of yet. Soon I hope! I have a friend that is one month ahead of me, he turned his in exactly one month earlier then me and he hasn't heard anything either.

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    Thanks for the info. I think I'll try mailing in a full size envelope and see if I get back an unfolded application.

    Maybe they only contact your references after your background check is complete. If so it could be six months maybe before they try to contact them.
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    NYS is supposed to tell you at 6 months yea or nay or why they suck so much.

    Good luck.


  10. The unfortunate thing for me is, I have 2 other counties within walking distance of my home and friends in these counties have gotten their permits within days, instead of months. Erie county is something else.

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    Really? Wow that's fast. I thought the biggest delay was in the background/fingerrint check but I could be wrong. Even on Erie County's Web site they say 6-8 months. Basically others have said you can call to check the status but to try to get them to do it in six months (even though that's what the law says) would require time, money, and lawyers (and more money).
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