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    Interview With The Judge

    Just to give you an update, I finally had my interview with Ulster County Judge Schneer last week, and yes I actually had an interview with the judge, in the courtroom, with other applicants, police officers, and some attorneys present in the courtroom. It doesn't get much more formal than this, and somewhat intimidating. Having said that, I am actually surprised and glad that the Judge is taking this serious because I think putting a deadly weapon in someone's hand is serious business.

    So if you're anticipating trying to get your CCW in Ulster County, here's what you can expect:

    1) You'll be sworn in, similar to testifying in a legal matter.
    2) The Judge will ask you your name and address, who you are living with, some basic employment history, why you want a CCW permit, and any training or experience you have with using firearms.
    3) If you have some past legal issues, even if they are 20+ years old, they may come up so be prepared to discuss them.
    4) Since I was requesting an unrestricted license, the judge asked me about my understanding of (paraphrasing) "rules of engagement". I think this is an important question as there have been some immature and irresponsible folks recently in our area that have brandished weapons or flashed them in an intimidating manner for dumb reasons (road rage, etc.). Reminder: CCW stands for Carrying a CONCEALED weapon. No one should know you are "packing heat" except the unfortunate individual(s) who may attempt to take your life.

    This type of behavior hurts all of the responsible CCW applicants and gun owners, and in my opinion:
    - If you have a short temper you should NOT be carrying a handgun.
    - If you are irresponsible, a slacker, or abusive you should NOT be carrying a handgun.
    - If you are a bully you should NOT be carrying a handgun.

    5) Lastly, the Judge mentioned a great point/question I had not thought of, namely that by carrying a firearm, if you are disarmed by someone, this weapon could be used either against you or in a subsequent crime, and asked me how (paraphrasing) I planned on dealing with this risk. Notice that I am not stating the answers I gave, as these are unique to my situation as will be yours. The judge then stated I would be receiving a decision in the mail.

    All in all I thought this process was appropriate. Be sure to be courteous and respectful to the Judge, and address him/her as "your Honor" in your responses to your questions.

    A final item for all CCW holders to consider: The likelyhood of actually having to use a handgun out in public to defend yourself or your family is about the same as hitting the lottery. There are some Police officers that never have to unholster their weapon in an entire career. And I think down deep all of us hope we never have to use our weapon to harm another person. However - IF it does happen - you need to be very sensitive to what is behind your target, or behind the wall that is behind your target. More than likely your bullet is going to pass through your target and continue on it's merry way at high velocity. This could result in the serious injury or death of other INNOCENT men, women or children. I don't think any of us want that.

    So bullet penetration and richochet awareness are crucial. This may be the last thing on your mind if this situation occurs with all the adrenaline rushing through your body and your heart pounding, but it needs to be an important consideration. JHP type ammo is safer in this regard. Avoid Glaser Safety Slugs except for in-home defense. I hope you consider doing this. You may save an innocent life or lives, maybe someone you know or love, by doing this and by being aware of all of this.

    Link to a great ammo article (click the "more" link):

    Stay safe.
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    i would be very interested in how your application process goes from here, I just stopped and got my application this week.

    I will have it completed and returned in a few days.

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    1) Fill out the application completely and pick up a money order
    2) Drop off your application and get fingerprinted
    3) Take the safety course at Gander Mountain. They will no longer issue a permit without this course. It is free and about 4 hours long.
    4) Wait. Mine took 4 months to hear anything.
    5) Meet with the judge (or his/her secretary) and tell them under oath why you want a permit.
    6) If approved, wait another month for the permit to be issued.

    *Note- When you receive the letter that says you are approved, you can purchase a pistol. Bring that letter to a gun dealer and they will give you a bill of sale. When your permit is ready to pick up, bring the bill of sale and you can add your new pistol on in one trip. They will not give you the permit without having already bought a pistol.

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    I will do that, I have military and extensive weapon handling experience while enlisted, so i hope it will help get my permit without restrictions. I also plan to take additional training courses anyway... one can never hav enough training.

    The one thing I really want to be prepared for is the interview, I will be sure to read up on others experiences before mine.

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    The interview is pretty uneventful. Just know where you are going to target practice (gun club), how you are going to carry it, and how you are going to store it. I have also heard that they will ask you what you will do to prevent somebody from taking your firearm off you.

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    Using Military Experience As Part Of Your Application

    You have the option to add military experience as part of the application process. If you choose to do this, be sure you have your DD214 available. They will want a copy.

  8. The one gun shop I was at in Sullivan county last week I asked the woman about how long it takes and was it hard to get a permit to carry no restrictions.She said that the judge asks you why you have a need to carry a handgun.Self protection answer is not going to get you a permit to carry concealed the judge only issues a restricted permit.She said that everyone is issued a restricted permit now and that even with a lawyer your denied.At Gander mountain I asked the salesman about applying in Orange county he said that theres two judges one gives only restricted the other may give you a unrestricted if you show him cause for it.I asked him about Sullivan county and he said that the judge was pro second ammendment and does issue unrestricted.I picked up a application from the clerks office in Sullivan county today it does say that a permit for target or hunting is issued only.That a seperate interview with the judge to have a upgrade is required at a later date.I was also told that many of the older permit holders with unrestricted are getting restricted now in many of the counties in the state when they go into the clerks office.I believe all counties are going sportsman to and from range only restricted type permit.More restrictions are going to stir a hornets nest.

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    my DD214 is not a problem. I have two of them, Navy and Air national guard.

    I am getting printed tomorrow morning and should have my application back in a week or so.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by hunter won View Post
    I was also told that many of the older permit holders with unrestricted are getting restricted now in many of the counties in the state when they go into the clerks office.
    How does that work? New York State permits are still good for life. The clerk should never get his/her hands on it unless the permit holder is having it amended to add a new pistol. Are they saying that the clerks are putting restrictions on people's permits when they come in to have pistols added? That doesn't sound right.

  11. This I learned the other day.People that have paper license's are going in to get the new plastic cards and getting the restricted placed on them.Yes still many of the counties are lifetime in New York.Every county in New York has the ability to place restrictions its just the way it is now.I believe that many counties are going to require some form of training with your firearm if you want a CCW permit.I'm for training show the judge your proficient with your firearm and know the laws regarding deadly physical force.The permit holders on Long Island are restricted to & from range only and been trying for years to get the unrestricted type pemit.

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