Onondaga County waiting period?
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Thread: Onondaga County waiting period?

  1. Onondaga County waiting period?

    Hey all,

    I'm currently waiting for my pistol permit to be approved, turned it in about 2.5 weeks ago, hopefully only another 6-7 more to go but I was wonder what happens when I actually do get my permit? I will be buying a Glock 19 as soon as I have my permit but how does the process go? Do I pay for it, go back to the sheriffs office to have it added to my permit and then I can pick it up? Is there any waiting period?


  3. Come on, somebody must be buying handguns in Onondaga County! What's the normal processs?!

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    I doubt its much different than here in Jefferson. I had my interview and just waiting ont he paperwork now. They told me to put a gun on layaway before the interview. I put money down on the gun and got the serial #. During my interview i wrote it down on a form they gave me. When i pick up the permit, they put the gun on it and give me a "right to purchase" coupon or something like that. I then take that back to the gun shop and pay off the rest of the gun.

  5. I think the process is noted on the Onondaga County Sheriffs website. Did you apply for a CCW or a restricted permit?

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