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    NYS permit renewals

    I just saw a story on the morning news, that in response to the Binghamton shootings, there is a movement to make all pistol licenses in NY renewable every few years. I know it works (?)that way in New York city. It seems to be another reflex reaction to a tragic event, before long some legislator will see revenue to add to the budget. I think it's time to let you assemblymen know this is a bad idea.

    Does anyone know what percentage of firearm crimes in NY are committed by pistol permit holders? I wouldn't think it amounts to a fraction of a percent. All the laws on the books can't prevent a deranged person from doing harm if that is their intent.


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    There is a push for a bunch of new gun control in Albany:

    • A-801A, Requires the renewal of firearms' licenses after five years and the taking of a safety course outside the City of New York
    • A-3076B, Establishes a safety course requirement for firearm license
    • A-3211A, Bans the sale, use or possession of 50-caliber weapons
    • A-5696A, Requires employees of dealers in firearms and gunsmiths to submit to a criminal background check
    • A-6157, Relates to banning the possession, sale or manufacture of assault weapons
    • A-6468, Requires semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in this state to be capable of microstamping ammunition
    • A-7574, Provides that collateral loan brokers shall store firearms in
    • the same manner as gunsmiths and dealers in firearms are required to store them


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    There are a few there I wasn't aware of. Time to send the Assemblyman and Senator another letter.


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