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Thread: Full carry upgrade hearing - advice?

  1. thats great i was wondering how it was gonna go congrats!

  3. Advice Please

    I am new to this website and I appreciate everything I have seen and read so far. I do have a restricted permit in Orange County and I am considering applying for a full carry permit. I saw some here had a meeting with the judge and that they got a full carry permit. When I called the permit office in Goshen they told me to write a letter to the judge and explain the reasons why I want it. What is the best way to explain my position which is to defend myself and my family. I have had a permit since 1994 and no issues with the law. Any advice would be great.
    For those who met a judge, which one did you meet with? Were they reasonable and how was your explanation? What can I expect?

  4. Did you get your full carry permit?

  5. Question

    Quote Originally Posted by stresco View Post
    I met with the judge this morning. He didnt ask me anythign really, just why I wanted it. I told him for security and personal protection.

    He approved it.
    Was that in Orange County, NY? Who was your judge?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stresco View Post
    I met with Judge Cahill. He didn't say much. There was a stenographer there, and a court officer. They swore me in, he read off my file that I was there to have the restriction removed from my license. He asked me why? I said for security and personal protection. I then asked him to consider my history with firearms and past safety training, as well as the fact that I have scheduled further safety training for Oct. He said that he would approve it based on my business and because of the manner in which I carry myself. He then reminded me that in NY it is a "Privilege" to carry, one that he does not give away freely because its his name going on my license. That was it. I thanked him, stood up, shook his hand and left.
    I quoted this from another post I replied to. You need to state a case as to WHY you NEED to carry and Personal Protection is not a good enough answere. Sorry.

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