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    Small steps my friends, small steps...

    From the NYSRPA:

    David Yassky is a former staffer to Charles Schumer. He's the guy
    who actually wrote the Brady Bill. He moved up to the City Council
    where he continued to push for more gun control like strict gun
    dealer liability. Pat, Amy and Barry testified on behalf of NYSRPA
    in council hearings against these ideas. Yassky himself defended
    them on NRA News. Faced with term limits Yassky decided to run for
    City Comptroller. He has no background related to finance so he
    based his campaign largely on his gun control record. Both the Daily
    News and New York Times endorsed his campaign because of it. New
    Yorkers Against Gun Violence founder Barbara Hohlt personally
    contributed to his campaign. His advertisements loudly and proudly
    touted his work with Schumer. Yassky thought it was funny we were
    telling people to vote against him. Quote: "This is a badge of honor
    for David, who has fought for tough gun control for years in order to
    protect New Yorkers."

    Brawl For The Hall - NY Daily News

    What did this badge of honor get him in the primary?

    He lost with 30% of the vote.

    Unfortunately, it was a 4 way race and the winner came up just short
    of the 40% needed to prevent a runoff. So Yassky advanced to round
    two anyway and we let fly a second GOTV mailing. Now going
    mano-a-mano with John Liu, Democrats would have a clear choice
    between the gun control candidate and someone else in a citywide
    runoff. Yassky had something Richard Aborn didn't: an endorsement by
    Charles Schumer as seen here

    YouTube - Choice

    And what's Schumer's endorsement worth?

    A double digit loss. Yassky gets 44.3% to Liu's 55.7%. Since he had
    to give up his Council seat to run for Comptroller he's got nowhere
    else to go so he's outta here. For the second time in as many weeks
    NYC Democrats have rejected the gun control candidate and their
    agenda and that will further marginalize the people and organizations
    who promoted them.

    Jacob J. Rieper, Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs
    New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

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    There is hope here in NY, but we have a long, long way to go.

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    Non-resident permits would be nice. I live in MA and have a family summer home in Lewis County. I've been spending summers at the lake since I was a baby (born in 67 in White Plains). Love the Adirondack Park and would like to be able to cross the border with my sidearm. Will have to wait for that I'm sure...At least there is hope
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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