speaking of New York . . .
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Thread: speaking of New York . . .

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    speaking of New York . . .

    From the land of gun control, this is almost beyond belief: crack dealers make more money routinely suing the City of New York than they do plying their illegal trade.

    Crack thugs sue city: Lawyers settle cop-abuse raps for $500K; same dealers score many times

    And the people allowing this to happen are the same ones who see to it that it's impossible to get a CCW permit in New York. Hey, maybe that's something else these crack dealers will do: apply, get rejected, scream brutality, and get CCW licenses plus a settlement!

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    Exactly the direction this whole Country will go if those at the helm of the Ship of State don't change their mindset. Bloomberg...Obama & Company . . . all cut from the same cloth.
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