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  1. Non-resident carry questions

    Hi all. I read through the post below about non-resident carrying, and have a few more questions. I'm getting my VA non-resident permit so I'll be able to CC in NC. I'll be camping out for a week in NC with my wife and 6 y/o daughter. First question is in regards to sleeping in the tent with my firearm. I'll have my Glock 22 with me, so will I have to lock it up at night because we'll be in the same tent? Also, since it'll be hot as hell in June, I was planning on carrying it in a Fobus holster, but in my back pack. Any legal issues there? Does it have to be on my actual person, or is the back pack ok?

    If there is anything else you can tell me that would help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    I think most of this will depend on where you are camping, if you are wanting to be legal.
    I can't quite figure out if you have the gun in your tent why you would need to 'lock it up at night'.
    I sure would not... if you chose to go this route, I'd just leave it at home.

    I would think from a legal standpoint your back pack would be no different that a woman's purse.

    When on the rare occasion I go hiking through the woods I use a military web belt and put a canteen, compass pouch, knife on it and also the carrier pack for one of those small folding shovels (entrenching tool)... my Ruger P95 goes in this. Is just like a flap holster but doesn't look like a holster.

  4. The reason for the lock question is that I'll be in the same tent as my 6 year old, and the law states that it must be locked up if there is someone under 18 in the same dwelling. I can't really see how anyone would know, and of course it wouldn't be my favorite option. Nor would it make sense to do so, which is why I wanted to assure that the law didn't apply

  5. Thats statute means if it's not in your possession or immediate control. Unless you're going to leave it "laying around" where you won't be supervising, then it doesn't have to be locked up just because a kid is present, only if a child can have access to it and you're not around.
    The reason for the law is people leave guns in the night stand or under the matress or in the closet unlocked and are at work while the kids stay home unsupervised, like after school. Next thing you know BANG.

    I think they mis-worded the statute anyway. If you read it, it isn't anything like the little paper you sign when you buy a gun which states that it is "illegal to leave a gun unsecured where a child can have access to it." According to the statute, the child has to have access to it AND do something with it such as shoot it, take it to school, blow his toe off, etc. to commit the misdemeanor intended by the statute.

    Any individual who resides with a minor, who owns or possesses a firearm, and stores or

    leaves that firearm in a condition that the firearm can be discharged, and in a manner that the

    individual knew, or should have known, that an unsupervised minor would be able to gain

    access to the firearm, is guilty of a misdemeanor if such minor gains access to the firearm

    without the lawful permission of the minor's parents or a person having charge of the minor,

    and the minor in turn possesses that weapon unlawfully on any campus or educational property

    in North Carolina; exhibits the weapon in a public place in a careless, angry, or threatening

    manner; causes personal injury or death with the weapon not in self defense; or uses the weapon

    in the commission of a crime. A minor is defined in this law as anyone under the age of 18 who

    is not emancipated.

  6. Sounds good, thanks Anthony. One last question for you. When going into a restaurant (or somewhere that serves alcohol) or a place that requires an admission fee, I'd be prohibited from carrying. So, I'd lock it in my car. Any issue there? It sounds like carrying in North Carolina is a much bigger pain in the ass than its worth.

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    You got that right....
    To be legal you must leave the gun in the car.
    Keep in mind of one thing.... there is nothing illegal about being seen securing your concealed carry gun in the trunk. Open carry is legal in N.C.

    One other little bit of advise, and this is just a personal observation and by no means more.

    concealed means concealed...which means no one can see it, no matter where you are. I've yet to see restaurants in N.C. with metal detectors at the front door.

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